Dragon's Shell Doll Minis

Dec 28, 2019

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    1. I joined the preorder for MSD Dog in normal resin with the elf ears and Nidum dolls body back in October. Very excited to add him to my crew!
    2. I am almost done with the faceup on my smaller 4-5 size ferret/Connor from Detroit:Become human! Here is a picture of him blank, but I am hoping to finish him really soon. :) Just painted his eyebrows last night.
      [​IMG]Connor! by Tineke, on Flickr
    3. Oh awesome! I'm excited to see how his faceup looks!
    4. I finished him! Well his faceup anyway. ;) He still needs his wig, better eyes and maaaaybeee outfit. We shall see. I am just glad I was able to blush the pale pink normal skin to match Dollshe oriental.:celebrate
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    5. His faceup looks amazing @redmaiko ! Who's that with him?
    6. Thank you! His face looks a bit more yellow toned in the photo than irl, but the body is newer so it should look better once the resin mellows.
      Dollshe Fashion Maxi Rey Lewis on Mystic is next to him.
    7. Wow they look really good together! The light mech in his head is super cool too. What does the inside of his head look like?
    8. Update on the MSD dog preorder was sent via email and posted to Instagram today! The dolls will be mailed out soon! Apparently only four were pre-ordered this round so I'm the lucky owner of a rare doll (for now).
    9. @skyealloway I can't wait to see your guy!! Do you have a look planned for him?
      Here is what the inside of Ferret/Connor's head looks like:
    10. @redmaiko thanks! I don't have much of a plan for him. I have some girls in fid/fashion MSD size that he will join. My husband is always trying to pair up my dolls as couples but I'm more inclined to either put them on a team like a D&D group...or put them on opposing factions. I don't even have a plan for his faceup so it maybe a while before he starts to come together. Or maybe I'll be inspired right away ;)

      So there is a cord that hangs out Connor's head...I wondered how a battery pack would fit in such a small space. With the right outfit and wig it's probably not noticable. Very cool.
    11. The instructions also include a way to have the LED through that metal ring so the wiring follows the stringing into the chest. I just haven't tried it. I like having quick access to take the battery out, though.
    12. Oh thank goodness there's a discussion thread for DSDoll now! I have a ferret as well, just finally got his eyes in today! Think I'm going to break down and order him a custom wig, just haven't found anything that quite suits him yet, including this new one here :P


      It looks like DSDoll will be releasing the msd version of pitbull here soon too, I'm so excited! Anyone else planning on pre-ordering one? I know I am!
    13. Welcome @Hakari-chan ! Your Ferret looks great. Is he a hybrid?
    14. Thank you! His face-up is so much nicer in person, I'll get a decent pic of it eventually XD The artist that painted him did a great job.
      He's on the Nidum Dolls body that they offered with their pre-order. I like how elegant it is, though I've been struggling to find decent clothes for him XD Luckily I finally found someone on Etsy that sells Iplehouse FID clothes which SHOULD fit him, but we'll see!
    15. Oh awesome I also ordered the nidum body for my dog head. I have a set of fid clothes from satorial j ready for him so we will see how it fits. If he is too small I have some clothes for jid that I can try on him as well.
    16. Oh that's who I bought from on Etsy too! I compared the measurements of FIDs vs the Nidum body and they matched really closely so I am hopeful! XD Got him some shoes and 6mm eyes from there too since I misordered on his original ones and got 8mm >_>
    17. Hi! I just realized a thread for this size is here. Here's my Ferret with a faceup. I'm also in the group waiting for Sartoria J clothes to arrive. Has anybody tried 5-6" wigs on them? How do they fit? I bought the oval glass 6mm eyes from BlueberryStyle.


      I've named him Nikolai.
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    18. Adorable @davri ! As for wigs, 5/6 has worked out well for me overall! Still trying to find the perfect one, but as far as the actual size go, it definitely works.
    19. His hand blushing looks great @davri

      My guy is still in transit. The last tracking update says left Russia customs and sent from Russia January 24. I'm so anxious for the tracking to update!