Dragon's Shell Doll

Apr 20, 2016

    1. So I just discovered Dragon Shell Doll - a little Russian company belonging to Balagur73. Here's her blog:

      @дневники — ***

      I stumbled upon DS Doll by accident and then had a lot of trouble finding information about it, so I thought I would share what I have found! It seems she has done 2 heads so far, both male SD heads; Snake and Dragon. They both have long removable elf ears, and they each have a mask (a snake mask and a dragon mask respectively).

      I love these high cheek bones and angry eyebrows, I'm always for huge elf ears, and the masks are super cool, so I feel like I struck gold. I was able to purchase her Snake head and mask, very excited!

      What do you guys think? Anybody heard of DS Doll before? I know there's at least one other DoA member who has one of her heads.
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    2. Well, guess it's just me in here lol
    3. They are super cool! *bookmarks*
      However, until the doll is submitted for topicality with all the necessary information, we can't have a Discussion thread for them.
      So I will need to close this thread until further notice.
    4. The artist has submitted 3 heads so far that have been deemed on topic, so this thread is being reopened.
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    5. I about fell out of my chair when I found her images in the gallery. I so need a Dragon head.
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    6. Riiiiight? I've got a Snake head with the mask and elf ears in my possession now, and I just love him, he has such a unique and distinguished face. Still looking around for a body that suits him though.
    7. Hello, everyone)
      I have two heads, Dragon and Snake.
      Dragon now is finished doll, and Snake wates for his body and horns (I ordered it in the end of spring)

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    8. Lovely shot! I've seen this guy around, he's always impressive, so intense
    9. @Marjie thank you so much!
      I really fond of him and how charismatic is his blank sculpt)
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    10. Let me share here my Verai Grayhound, he'd DSDoll Dog/ I love this sculpt and happy to own it!
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    11. This is probably a question for @Rook_Sever since I know you've done body comparisons, but I welcome input generally. Is dollshe/dollstown oriental or fresh the best match for dsdoll ns?
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    13. @Rook_Sever That's super helpful, thank you! I'm the same way, much easier to blush a head to match a slightly darker body.
      BTW, your dog was what finally convinced me I needed a Ferret. <3
    14. @rianne thank you!
      Pssst, it seems to be the new Ferret preorder soon^^
      And Balagur is sculpting Gavin Reed now :D
    15. @Rook_Sever haha of course! I already rescued one second-hand. XD I have to wait for the DT holiday sale to get my guy's body, so it might be next year before I can show him off too much. I'm excited to work on a head this realistic though. <3
    16. @rianne wow! That's cool! Did you get LED or "human" version!

      Aaaah, I have to share it: I made photos with "Russian Cyberlife Tower" :)
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    17. @Rook_Sever He has the LED mod, which is more a novelty for me than anything since my guy isn't going to be a cosplay doll haha. I only do originals. Your photos are so gorgeous! Love the composition and colors here.
    18. @rianne wow, sounds interesting! All Ferrets I saw before were cosplays, will look forward for yours!
      Thank you!^^
    19. @Rook_Sever It is difficult with a face this realistic haha! The changes you can make are limited. Like, my boy will still be a pale freckled brunette for sure, but hopefully he can be his own 'person'.
      I wanted to thank you again for your amazing body comparisons. They really make it much easier to decide on hybrids. <3