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Dramadollie's feedback thread

May 10, 2011

    1. dramadolie bought some SD items. She paid quickly and was a pleasure to work with.

    2. Dramadollie purchased sd shoes and pants from me. Payment was prompt and communication was also prompt and always friendly.

      Thank you for a very smooth and pleasant transaction.
    3. I sold my HZ Shuster Fei to dramadollie, wonderful communication and very smooth transaction, very friendly, highly recommend!
    4. Excellent transaction. Paid quickly and let me know when the clothes arrived. Would recommend highly and do business with again. Thank you dramadollie.
    5. dramadollie bought a Volks Yuni w/ SDC body from me on a (ver) short layaway! Her payment was extremely fast, and she kept in great contact! She was sure to let me know as soon as she arrived! Would gladly do business with again!
    6. I sold a D.I.M body to dramadollie, and the transaction was quick and easy. She paid when she said she would, and even showed me a photo of her doll all put together once the body arrived. :D I would do business with dramadollie again, for sure~!
    7. dramadollie bought some MSD clothes from me and paid right away. She was a pleasure to deal with, I definitely recommend her as a buyer. :)
    8. dramadollie bought a Dollheart outfit from me and she was a great customer! She paid quickly and let me know when the outfit arrived. I'd happily recommend her to any seller.

      Thanks, dramadollie! :)
    9. dramadollie Purchased an item from my MP thread, everything went really well. Thank you!
    10. Dramadollie purchased some boots from me. Payment was quick and the transaction went smoothly. Thank you!
    11. Dramadollie purchased a DDS body from me. Was a delight to sell to! Even when there was a problem, she was level-headed and so sweet to let me make it right. Wonderful buyer.
    12. Positive Feedback

      I sold a lot of MSD clothing to dolliedrama. Payment was fast, communication was friendly, the buyer was patient even when I had to wait a day to give a quote because someone else had already asked about a couple of the items, and I was notified when the package arrived safely. Thank you so much!