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Dream Doll 'Lily' from Laidoll - Anyone Recognise Her?

Aug 23, 2006

    1. Hi! I'm not talking about Dollfie Dream dolls, I'm talking about a BJD company (I'm assuming) called "Doll Dream". I was browsing ebay, and I found one of these dolls and was just surprized I had never heard of her before.
      The listing lead me to "Laidoll.com", which also sells DollZone. The Doll Dream Lily is really cute!
      I was just surprized I had never heard of them before. It could just be me (blind old me! hee hee! *_* ). Are they new? They only have one sculpt so far, and are priced similarly to DZ. The link to them on Lai Doll is:
      EDIT: I forgot to mention, maybe they are a new line of DZ dolls? Change is the seller.
      And Mods, feel free to delete if there's a thread on them elsewhere.
    2. I just ordered a Lily. I've wanted to get a girl doll and hadn't found one that I loved and then I came across Lily and it just clicked. <3 The deal is very nice and I suppose it's because she's an introductory doll from a new group that she comes with so many nice extras. I'm happy I won't be getting a naked doll and her kimono is so pretty looking. (^_^)

      I'm having trouble ordering through the site though. I ordered her last night but they were tinkering with the form so it didn't add shipping and I already used Paypal to pay. I had to re-order her today and I'm waiting for Latidoll to hopefully refund my first payment so I can pay again. I hope that's the best way to do it. I've never really ordered anything online before and I don't know if I can void the payment on my end. (^^);;

      Once I get her in about a month and a half, I'll be sure to post lots of photos of her. Hopefully she won't be full of defects because she's of the first batch of dolls but I'm sure I'll love her all the same. (^_^)

      I also just noticed a girl&#8217;s body is being sold through Laidoll. It seems she has quite a bit of possible movement. I can't wait to play with her in person and see what else Doll Dream has in store for the future.

      I agree, though, using dream is getting a little tired in names. XD

      Edit: The staff (at least a person by the name of "Change") have been really helpful during my ordering dilemma. Now just 24 hours after I first ordered her incorrectly, my first payment has been refunded and I ordered Lily again properly. E-mail responses were all very prompt and helpful.

      Only one question was never answered (I asked about Lily's foot size). Instead of being given measurements, I was directed to their shoe section to buy her shoes there (which I've decided not to because although they are all nice, the boots are all a little too expensive for me). It seems though that the boots meant for her also fit DOCs and 1/4 Dollzone dolls so I might just order cheaper shoes from Edendoll.
    3. They are new, and from China...
      The seller is reputable, I've bought from her before, and she's a member here.
      I think Lily's quite cute!
      She reminds me of CP Miyu (her mouth and nose especially).
      I'd sure love to see owner pics of one!

    4. i would say more petite than anorexic. it's not like you can see ribs lol :3 i'm holding off judgments on her size until she gets here and i can see how she looks compared to my other dolls, but the character i have in mind for her is meant to be very thin. also i'm planning on possibly having her modded to be an elf, and the slim figure i think would fit with that n_n

      i'm wondering if she might be able to pull off 16mm eyes?
    5. ok here we go n_n arrival pics and a few comparison shots (my camera died lol)


      warning: doll boobies n_n;;


      she really isn't all that much more thin than my miryu, though she isn't as curved. she is a lot shinier though. my other dolls are slightly rough, but she's smooth and shiny lol
    6. Congrats on the arrival mendokusai! She is adorable! I'm glad her headcap comes off easily. I've never had to insert the eyes (since I have yet to get my other first doll) so hopefully it won’t be a scary experience. XD I'm a little worried about the quality of her eyes though. I guess when I buy her shoes I'll look into picking up some new eyes for her (depending upon the pair of eyes I get). Did you get normal skin or pale skin? She seems like quite a pale doll but she is so sweet and definitely doesn't look overly skinny.

      I just checked my status and it still says payment received. I guess it will be a while before I get Keiko. (~_~);; I suppose I shouldn't complain, though, good things shouldn't be rushed. (^^)
    7. thank you!

      i got white skin, since they didn't have an example of normal skin n_n;; they might insert the eyes for you since you ordered a face-up, i bet. i hope so, because the eye putty they sent with mine was impossible to use >.< although i think i would definitely recommend getting eyes of your own, since i'm assuming they'll send yours with the cheap plastic eyes too.

      and for the record, she wears 7/8 wigs. and i would recommend 16mm eyes unless you prefer the big anime eye look. she fits fine in my clothes from dollmore, though her hips are so slender that the pants are just slightly baggy. she fits fine in my shoes from dollmore too, but her feet are thin so i dunno if i would recommend sandals?

      i'm sure it won't be too much longer! they sent mine a full week and a half before i was expecting it.
    8. Has nobody else gotten their lily yet? ; ;

      just wanted to post a pic of my girl in 16mm eyes, please excuse the crummy half-faceup!
    9. aww. more pics, she looks great with 16mm eyes actually, that's what i'm getting for her. i'm getting mine with faceup so im not expecting her anytime soon!
    10. more pictures to share :sweat

      work in progress: new face-up :3

      and modeling her new clothes she just got n_n (face-up still not quite finished)
    11. thank you, here it is finished! :D

      i hope yours doesn't take too much longer!! ; ;
    12. I finally got Keiko today. She is quite sweet looking but she does have her problems. Some of her joints are a little too free so it makes it a little hard to pose her. Her face-up is quite cute but she has the biggest eyelashes ever and one of them is half coming off. (~_~);; Also, I think I got the same sort of eyes as mendokusai so they're crap and need to be replaced (I should be ordering her a pair of purple 16mm acrylics today). Her default wig is a fuzz ball but it’s workable. I'll need to buy her a new wig and some shoes when I order the eyes. My friend Pam is making a dress for Keiko. I can’t wait to see it at the end of the month. (^_^)

      Despite all the complaints I just mentioned; she's a real sweetheart. I'll post pictures as soon as I'm done uploading them. lol So much for working on my essay today. XD
    13. Your Lily is so cute, weirdsparkle. It looks like you were totally prepared for her arrival. I like the wig and the eyes you have for her and her kimono is beautiful. (^^)

      All I have to offer are photos of the default stuff. I got the peach version of her make-up. It looks quite sweet on her. The fact that her eyelashes are really starting to come off is tempting me to just order her a whole new pair while I buy her all the other stuff she needs. I think I'll place an order tonight and hopefully get the stuff to fix her up next week.

      Here are a couple of pictures:



      The rest can be found here.

      In the second picture she's wearing Damian's (a DoD U's) default wig.
    14. Her carrier bag is pretty nifty but I like the one from DoD a little better (it's a bit bigger and is a little bit easier to manage). Her default kimono is really adorable. I just have trouble posing her while keeping her kimono shut (so she isn't exposed) especially when she's sitting down. XD It was sort of weird when I realized Keiko doesn't have seamlines and I guess that kink in her leg is a design flaw. Oh well, she still poses really well (at least standing up). I usually have very little trouble standing her. Moving her arms a little bit while she's standing makes her really unstable though and she sometimes has weird arm positions (like what mendokusai said) and they bend in weird ways. Sometimes I'm worried it's going to stick like that. XD Also, I trimmed her default eyelashes quite a bit so they aren't quite as annoying right now, but she still needs new ones like crazy.

      I have an order sent to Dollmore except I'm confused about sending payment (and right now Dollmore is on Thanksgiving holiday) but I hopefully will be getting new eyelashes, eyes (a yellow-green pair), wig (a long, black, thick, curly one) and shoes in the next couple of weeks. I don't know if anyone on this thread would know (since I'm having a bit of trouble shifting through older sections of the forum) but what is good glue for attaching eyelashes? I'm worried about using anything too heavy duty and I don't want to buy the eyelash glue since I don't think it would have other practical applications. I was thinking maybe Podgy would be good (a crafting glue and gloss). Does anyone have any other common glue they know works for attaching eyelashes? If this is too off topic I can post this somewhere else but I figure since no other Lily owner seems to want to use the official lashes, how are you guys planning to attach your own? The glue they used to attach the face-up ones is coming off anyway. (~_~);; Thanks in advance!
    15. hehe i had mine wear a spare pair of pants i had underneath her kimono until i could order her some clothes of her own.

      when ordering from dollmore (who i love hehe) i always choose the paypal option, then you copy and paste the email listed there, go to your paypal and send the money from there.

      i used elmer's school glue for attaching eyelashes. pretty much any washable craft glue works i think.
    16. It's good to know the eyelashes stay well with most craft glues. I was a little worried considering how easily the ones were falling off my girl when I got her.

      I sent a help question to Dollmore but it turns out with my Hotmail account the Paypal e-mail was sent to my junk filter and I didn't notice it right away. *feels like an idiot* I paid and then sent Dollmore an apology e-mail. Hopefully they'll understand. XD

      I wish I had pants for her but I'm going to have to wait till my friend gives me a dress she made for Keiko at the end of the month. Hopefully I can find time to attempt to make something for her in the meantime or I'll just be careful not to flash anyone (especially Damian) until I get her some more clothes.
    17. I feel really bad but....it isn't working out for me and Lily! something isn't right, she doesn't seem to match the character I wanted for her but i still think she's lovely. I thought I'd post up here with a link to my thread to sell her as someone who's considering her might look here.

    18. Hi~! Sorry to come in late on this, but I've been eyeing a couple different MSD-ish sized girls, and Lily's sweet face really appealed to me. I'd like to order her normal-skin, but faceup colors are confusing me. stray_wind, I love the peach on your Keiko, but I was wondering if anyone had other examples of the faceup options?

      Also, roughly how much was shipping to the US? Thanks for answering my questions! ^^;;
    19. Honooko, I PM'd you about my Lily I have for sale!
    20. Hi everyone ^.^ My new Lily just came in the mail today and Im so pleased with her! She's just beautiful, however she has no face up or anything yet, hehe. I have had some worries though, because bought her a pair of shoes and when I tried them on her they didnt fit o.o;; it turns out her feet are rather small compared to my other girl (Angelregion Ami), so I am wondering now what shoes will fit her if not those meant for a Mini SD? Anybody know? And also I wanted to be sure of which size eye fits best. Thanks much ^.^