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Dream head ver.4 -- Dream of Doll

Dec 22, 2010

    1. Seems like it's limited, but no information yet!
      (I wasn't sure whether to post this as new Limited or not, bur because every other Dream head has been limited, it seems safe to assume it it limited? Please change if necessary!)

      Here's the link to their shop (the head, specifically);


      And the photo! There are others, so click that link if you've got the chance!

    2. New information

      *Winter Event*

      (I will post only what is relative to this head)
    3. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but there's something regarding this event (and this head) that i'm slightly confused about. *_*
      I'm saving up to order my first doll which might be why I'm a bit on the noobish side when it comes to events. Anyway...moving on...my question is:
      I'm planning to order Homme Ducan and his default make-up before this event is up. without shipping this comes to $670. Does this mean that I'm entitled to option 3?

      Basically, what I want to know is: do i get the head free or am i going to have to pay for it anyway? and does the fact I'm planning to order Homme Ducan's default make-up affect this?
      Also how do I know that it's registered that I can get the free head? Do i need to add it to my cart anyway? or does it just send it along free?

      Sorry for the terrible explanation and Thanks ^^;;
    4. OK, I misunderstood. If the Ducan comes to over 500, the head is free. Order something else that brings it up to 650 and they'll paint both for free. If you can't afford too, then they'll want money to paint the head too.They should add it in for free.
    5. I don't think you need to add it in the cart. If the cost is 670$, you will be given the free make up and the event head with the make up. (Unless you request it for no face up)
    6. I have a question and hopefully I can find an answer here. For free make-up service for ordered doll and Dream Head, does $650 has to be before shipping? or shipping cost can count towards $650?

      Thank you
    7. RyokoDwolfwood: before shipping x3;