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Dream of Doll breaking into tinies??

Nov 21, 2007

    1. Intreguing new catagory on DoD website called DoI, there is no info in it yet or anything but my thinking if DoT is dream of teenager and DoC is dream of child then maybe DoI is dream of infant? New tiny range maybe, what do you guys think?
    2. I'd say you are right - it seems to be the trend. DoD dolls have such beautiful faces, I'd love to see what they do with a tiny.
    3. eh i suppose now the 'DoD jumping on the tiny train' is going to pop up everywhere, lol!

      it seems like weve not seem much actual 'new' dolls from DoD in a while...just alot of elf versions

      personally i think DoD tinies would be real cute ^^ ..will have to keep watching...but man i hope theyre not animal dolls ^^; or if they are not cats please XD
    4. hm I would say none..there was tender Twinkey and the new mini boy out (Twin-B)...though Tinies make sense...now I'm really curious. I know they'd been working on updating all the bodies

      I too love their facesculpts so I can't wait to see what it actually will be. (and also hoping it's not another kitty type doll)
    5. I don't know. If DOI was a tiny, logically it would be listed below DOC. It could also possibly be something like Dream of Immortal for 70cm's. Most Asian BJD companies seem to list the dolls in size order starting from largest at the top.

    6. Dream of Individual for a choice system? It could be almost anything when you don't know what the I stands for. D :

      Doll companies are such teases!
    7. Tinies would be amazing. Oh, what about in other languages...what 'letter' are they using for this new category? Can we add to the speculation that way?
    8. I cannot get the Japan site to come up, but the Korean one is using D.O.I.

    9. I would get so excited if it was for tinies! They'd be cute xD;
    10. DoD tinies would be awesome^^ I'd totally get one!
    11. That seems logical, but they also could have added it above DOT because it's newer... DOT is newer than DOC.
    12. It would be nice with tinies, i hope it is, i dont care for bigger dolls then doc anymore.
    13. We already have a bunch of animal tinies, so DoD now breaks new ground with DREAM OF INSECT! Woo.... (j/k :P)
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    14. I would so buy a praying mantis doll ;p

      Or a monarch butterfly..... THE MONARCH!

      Okay, enough spazz from me.

      <3 Laura
    15. Lol dream of insects....i dont think id buy one of them...
    16. Maybe they'll start using the infamous CP beauty green resin- Dream of Indigestion.
    17. Dream of Insect? Bwahaha! I suppose they could incorporate insect ideas into human bjd, though, such as butterfly wings, and stuff. That would make adorable tinies.
    18. And little antennae! :D That would be so cute! Hahaha, I think I'll have to make some antennae for the butterfly-winged BC tiny I have coming. :lol:
    19. :lol: :lol: THE MONARCH! I love you for that. :lol: I think a monarch doll would scare me out of my house.