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Dream of Doll (DoD) Code no.03, Code no.05 and Tahlia

Aug 1, 2011

    1. Just happened to pop over to Dream of Doll this morning on a whim and found out they have released three new DoT (SD sized) dolls.

      CODE no. 05

      CODE no. 03


      I'm not in the market for a new doll right now, but I do like DoD's sculpts and have been surprised by the lack of new dolls this year after last years almost constant event feeling. These three were a pleasant surprise.

      My initial attraction was to CODE no. 03, but some of those pictures make him look different than others. Tahlia also looks lovely, I really like the shape of her eyes. I'm looking forward to seeing own pics of these guys.

      Anyone else have thoughts on this?
    2. Tahlia is one of my favorite here, lovely in a different way in a mysterious black dress. CODE no. 03 is indeed very cool and different compared with others. Theytwo have very different flavor.
    3. I was looking at the new boys for a potential head. I was hoping for some better photos of the heads, though. :( They look very handsome.