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Dream of Doll DoT boy : CODE no.02 Discussion

Dec 23, 2009

    1. Let's discuss the excitement and handsomeness of this new boy here!!

      News Thread

      DOD Link



      WOW! All I can say is DOD has done a great job again....

      And according to the picture, he is on a new DOT body right? Coz DOT body doesn't have six packs....

      I'm so excited!!!! Can't wait till more info come!!! XDDD
    2. yeah i noticed he had a different body too!
      its awesome :fangirl:
    3. Hmmm, just reread the story :

      He is a Central axis of HM. his code name is the code no.02

      He head to the MIST CITY with Code no. 01 for against SE.

      Seems like there will be another new doll too? The CODE no.01 too???

      And it also seems that the story is connected to Calla and Isis' story... about the police HM XDD
    4. I find him absolutely STUNNING. He´s gorgeous!
      But what I love the most from him is THAT body.
      Hope they will sell it separately! My DoT boys need new bodies with six packs like that *_________*
    5. If the body's being sold with all DOT boys, it might be time for me to push Ducan back up to the top of my list... :whee:

    6. I am in love *_* Damn and I said I won´t get another D.O.D. But Now I am extremely tempted >_< They´re really evilXD
    7. Already killed by his eyes~XD
      So Cool~!

      there is new hand type too~! Wondering if it can sell seperately.
    8. Oh... my... god...!
      It's been a while since I don't die from DoD releases! And now they did it again!!
      When I saw it, I though "DoT" it was a mistake and he was a DoI... but it so AWESOME to see they're making a more muscular body for the DoTs! *-*
      I guess my DoD wishlist just increased again... he's so gorgeous!! I hope he's not limited! x3
    9. That body looks like the Idol body to me...:sweat
    10. But he's under the DoT section. But yeah, the body looks likea DoI body, I mean the muscles and all.

      Now I'm like so tempted.. Aaaaahhh, DoD, you did it again for me!
    11. Love love love love love.
    12. He looks aweome. I love him!!! :fangirl:
      DOD is great xD~

      I'm wonder about NO. 1, too! Hope there will be one xD
    13. Yeah, it's kinda funny they released the no.02 first XD

      I really really want to see the no.01!!!
    14. I wonder if they will be selling the body alone because I would love to get my hands on that body! Its like the DOI body with an inch or two missing! Not to say I don't love the old one but to have one with those abs!!!! <drool>
    15. oh my god... I want him! He's so prettttyyyy
      And WOaHH the body XD
      Now i'm not sure which dOT boy to get.. o.O
    16. I seriously adore him! He is so amazing!!!:D
    17. He's so cool. I think I will buy him instead of Lahoo, as soon, as I have my other dolls *____*
    18. OMG I've been waiting for the perfect doll to be released to be my Go. Wah happiness! :D I hope he's taller than the standard DOT boys. Yummy!
    19. I hope they don't start selling all the DOT's with that body and have no option for the old one! D: I don't like muscles, the slender old body is much much better. <3

      But my lord, his face is gorgeouuuussss. &#9829;w&#9829;
    20. Ha... One more DOT to buy... :D Oh I'm so glad they make a new sexy body!