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Dream of Doll DoT Boy Discussion

Jan 13, 2009

    1. I think we need a discussion thread for this xD

      I wonder if they're gonna include the thigh joint with this body, they didn't include it with the old new DOT Girl body (I-Ra/E-An not Delphine) and what about people who ordered recently *_*
    2. I did not even know about the new body. @_@
      Are there pictures anywhere?
    3. They said for now that it was like the DOC newbody 2 and to refer to that for information on what the body was like - and it does indeed have a thigh joint ^_^ (well the DOC one does) so I am thinking it will just be the DOT sized version of this body.
      I really hope so as my t elf sha floating head needs a new body and this new one will be my next buy from DOD. Roll on the 17th January ^_^

      [FONT=굴림][FONT=굴림]From 17th of January, when purchasing D.O.T girl body and D.O.T boy body, [/FONT][/FONT]
      [FONT=굴림][FONT=굴림]the clients will be able to select an option between pre-existing body
      and new girl body,new boy body.

      [FONT=굴림][FONT=굴림]The picture of D.O.T girl body is already registered on the site [/FONT][/FONT]
      [FONT=굴림][FONT=굴림]and D.O.T boy body is getting ready to be show a new photo. [/FONT][/FONT]
      [FONT=굴림][FONT=굴림]D.O.T boy body has improved in movability and it'll be easy to understand [/FONT][/FONT]
      [FONT=굴림][FONT=굴림]by refering D.O.C New body 2. [/FONT][/FONT]
      [FONT=굴림][FONT=굴림]Only normal option is available in the skin of the body. [/FONT][/FONT]
    4. I love the DOT body already -- I think it's wonderfully stable and holds poses well, which many of my dolls don't, and beyond that it's so PRETTY -- but the one complaint about it I have is that the upper legs are pretty hard to move. I'm excited to see this new body.

      ...although I don't have much money right now and between that and the fact that I've been lusting after a Camine to be my H.Ducan, Maddock,'s twin brother Morgan, I think this might just about break me :sweat
    5. Oh i know the DOT legs don't do much other than stand. My boy can't even cross his legs without it looking funky. I'm curious to see if they upgrade the legs!
    6. hopefully they'll do the leg upgrade since DOT boys are now the only ones without them I think after taxes I'm gonna have to see what it would cost to get just those new upper leg parts fufufu
    7. If you check out the DOC boys, which they said are the model for the DOT body upgrade, they have the new thigh joint, so probably this change will integrate that :)
    8. i'M very excitied about this news, hoping that will not have so much strange mucle ........
    9. I'm SO excited for this new body! xD I wish I waited before I bought my doll...oh well.
    10. It's the 18th of January . . . . WHY CAN'T I select the new body on the ordering sections?????? :x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x
    11. Seriously... I thought they would have this up by now. I went and checked yesterday evening around the time they'd be getting in the office, and nothing. And this morning, still nothing. :(

    12. Not happy Jan . . . . I want to order . . . .
    13. I've also been waiting anxiously to see the new body! Not that I have the money at the moment to buy my t.sha head a body...

      They must be pretty swamped or something. They also haven't restocked stuff yet.
    14. I wonder if we can just order and put 'new body' in the notes?
    15. :D The body's up! The body's up!!

      It looks so nice! T.T Im super jealous.. I'd never beable to afford a new body for my boy though... and the resin match would be soooooooooooooo off..
    16. are the proportions the same? Somehow the legs look shorter now o.o I must find out! craaaave that thigh joint.....
    17. O.O they do seem shorter...
    18. I don't think they are, though -- if you look at him standing, they're pretty long. I think it's an illusion created by the secondary thigh joint.

      Man, this is not helping my desire to get my boy his brother :( :( Alas, that's probably a year or so away, if that.
    19. Who is the model in the pics of DOT new body? :D I can't recognize him :sweat
    20. tender elf sha event head, i believe ^^

      I love the new body, the joints are really nice. Too bad i don't think i'll be getting a dod anytime soon ^^;; They are ranking unfortunatly low on my "characters to bring home" list ^^;

      Anyone else think the ankle joint looks ridiculous, though? The foot has a lot of mobility, but the ball joint sticking out like that looks painful, if not downright unnatural ^^;; Would this stop me from getting a dot boy on this body, or cause hesitation? Not even a little bit. It still looks awkward though ^^;