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Dream of Doll DoT & DoI Black Code No.02

Jun 10, 2010

    1. Since I didn't see a discussion, I thought I'd kick one off.. Seeing as we'll be in for a bit of a wait at the very least.

      So is anyone actually thinking about getting him as a DoT?
    2. Tempted. Very, very tempted.
    3. So. Uh.
      I um...
      ...can't even believe DOD would do this to meee D:

      Tan DOI Code 02 is exactly who I need for my character. I had planned to just find a way to split his head and a DOI body and then dye him myself but....I don't even know what to say.
      Not only is he back with the DOI body option...but he's tan. And the tan is perfect.

      I'm in panic mode D: I NEED $600+ NOW :...(
    4. Oh wow. Seriously tempted here too. I was *this* close to buying the DOI cross-match Code 02, but resisted 'cause DOD's NS is too pale for most of my characters. Well, there goes that reason not to buy him! xD

      And I must say, his price is quite reasonable for a large tan doll. I mean, the DOI version is only $15 more than the standard DOI's! How nice of them to make the faceup optional this time, it really cuts down the price.

      PricelessHunny, I hope you can round up the funds in time! ^^
    5. The other doll limiteds were about $650 plus shipping so came to being around $720ish. I'm surprised at the lower price and happy. Meaning it will be about $620 total to get him. >_> I just wished DoD did layaway. Its vaca time for a lot of people and there are too many gorgeous dolls out there that are limited. Though I think I may like the normal skin version better which is like an almost dream doll for me lol (a doll I want badly, but never seem to get), but he is just way too cool.

      Edit: If I found monies for him I'd get a DOT version. >.<

      Edit2: Wow just read over the page, didn't know the info was up lol. "Also, we will give the wig to cusotmers who make an order the Black code no.02" So is the wig drop down menu a glitch then? Guess the lower price is without a faceup. Awesome!
    6. Something is fishy about the price. It's cheaper than the NS Code 02. I don't think they have finished updating it yet. DoD tans in that size tend to run around $600.

      I might have to get this one for a graduation present, we'll see :XD:
    7. Oh man, I'm so happy they're re-releasing him on the DoI body! But in taaaaaaan! My fave skintone is WS, sadly. He DOES look gorgeous in tan, though. His faceup is gorgeous, but that scar is bugging me. This new Black Code N.02 just makes me fall in love with his sculpt even more~!
    8. Well they did release those twins, two for the price of one? At least if I remember correctly they did and it surprised everyone. So maybe he's at a special price. Plus he's without a faceup this time so maybe that's why he's less. :)
    9. Um...yummy? I'm not one for DOD boys usually but I think he just tore my heart out.
      Good luck to everyone who's planning on getting him! I'd love to but I just got a doll for my upcomming birthday >w< *smacks herself in the face for not waiting*
    10. I'm pretty sure it's because of the lack of a faceup, which is a major yay on my end. >3<

      DoD Tan is pretty nice. I actually am not very fond of Code No.02 in NS, but the tan make the long part from his nose and mouth bearable.

      ....Now just to decide if I should get him on DoT or DoI....
    11. I've never owned a DoD doll before, though I've always thought they were pretty. And Code No.02 is my favorite of their sculpts to date... *bites nails*
    12. Hm still trying to decide to get him or just normal skin. I'll wait until the last possible moment to decide. And to get him in DOI or not, cause I got a bunch of nice clothes that will fit DOI boys from Sadol sitting around here...mm!
    13. Oh~~~~~ I'm so very tempted to get this boy seeing that next thursday I could afford him! Damn my luck and my unwillingness to buy. xD
    14. OMG ... DOD what have you done? Two month before they released 2 limited tan skin DOIs and now the next limited tan doll? I wanted to buy a new notebook this month, but I think this will not happen. I think I have to buy this great boy ... so lucky to seen him before buying something else^^
    15. I wonder why dolls tend to look more manly while they're in TAN!

      He's sooo gorgeous uuuuu >____< But there's no way I can get him T_T
    16. He is so gorgeous! He looks delicious!! I am extremely tempted!!! I wonder if I should get him in DOI or in DOT size!! If I get him in DOI, he will fit into my Souldoll zenith boy clothes, but I have been thinking for some time to stop buying 70cm boys and go back to the 60cm boys, especially if they come with a nice body like code 2. I really really don't know!!!
    17. Hmm, I wonder if the DOI body he'd come with would be the cross-match body? I'd kind of assumed it would be, but it doesn't seem to specify. :?
    18. God dang it! Its like the line goes, Be Careful What you Wish for(like cause I had totally been wishing on a Code No.2 in tanned) guess I got what I wanted but DANG! I can't afford him in this time limit >.< Curses! Though I must admit *w* he looks very delicious in tanned, like, he's drop dead hawt.

      If I could I'd want him in the D.O.T size, reason unknown. Meh, DOD really knows how to make wallets and wants cry for mercy.
    19. So do the new DOT bodies fit regular SD13 clothes? My usual buys are Luts, Dollheart and Sadol being my favorite companies for clothes. Sadol seems to fit tight though and Dollheart seems to be a bit baggy at times so wondering if Dollheart would fit well.
    20. Oh geez...the order period ends June 30th...8 days after my birthday!! DDD: This would be the best birthday gift ever....lol...
      Uuuugh so I might have enough time to squander up enough funds...I hope...I better D:< Birthday money better do me good!! lol

      Bah, this is way too much stress for me to handle x___x BUT I NEED THIS BOY!!! :horror:

      Good luck to everyone else who wants him too!! I just hope I can share in the love of this boy by the time the order period is over! D: