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Dream of Doll - DoT Elf I-ra Discussion

Nov 25, 2006

    1. Petsha's guru is on DOD!~ XD *Coming soon*

      Swords-woman I-ra!~ :aheartbea




      *There are one new clothes each for DoC and DoT*
    2. I'll be interested to see what she looks like without the mask. I quite liked Petsha until they took the mask off, and then I hated her. I do love I-ra's elf ears tho, they're a beautiful shape.
    3. I'm pretty sure it's an Elf version of Shall.
    4. Now, THAT would be awesome!
    5. Her lips looks very similar to the other DoT... But she looks pretty ^^ Let's see her without the mask ^_~
    6. I hope she will be an unlimited DOT like Petsha...><
      I LOVE Her
    7. Well she's in the limited section now...her lips look like a slightly different mould...I would think they'd be putting out a new girl head entirely rather than a Shall-elf...but who knows...maybe they'll start offering elf ears on all their dolls :)

      Her ears look much bigger than Ducan's though O.O Her outfit looks promising...want to see it all though.
    8. I've got a tiny bit of hope....
      Since Petsha started out in the Limited Section and she's now unlimited....:)
    9. Well I just emailed to ask :) I should have an answer for everyone soon.

      If a couple of my layaway people can clear off their bills then I might be able to pick up one of these lovelies
    10. I've got a tiny bit of hope....
      Since Petsha started out in the Limited Section and she's now unlimited....:)
    11. Oh my..... hate them.. hate them.. ;_;
      Lovely ears.. ;_; I want elf ;_; ... hate them.. hate them.. ;_;
    12. Aiyeeeee! why can't I win the lottery! Anyways, can't wait to see her face!
    13. Second that !! :D
      ..though.. maybe it won't be wallet safe...
    14. An elf Shall maybe... how nice ^_^
    15. she looks kickass!!

      oh manz..
    16. Ack! Not another one! lol. *grumbles as she puts yet another dolly on her want list* .. okay.. after that one.. I SWEAR that's it... :sneaky hehehe. Fullset or not, she still looks like she's going to be a real beauty! I can't wait to see what's under that mask! ^_^!!!
    17. Finally another DoT girl! I am praying I don't fall in love with this girl's unmasked face because if I do I'll be using my Elf Ducan fund for her. *worried*...

      As for her extras, I really love her sword, but the mask I could do without, which is sad since I loved Petsha's mask. :? Why did Petsha get a unicorn and I-ra get a blob?
    18. oh MY GAAAAWWWWWWWD!!!!!!! *dies*
      I just want to see her without her mask now :D
    19. Ohhh.. I hadn't thought about that. :P .. I suppose I should wait and see if it's a "Shall" with elven ears before putting her on the "want list" ne? ^_^;;
    20. XD I don't collect the girl dolls, but the boys have been getting a lot of attention lately! I'm glad to see another girl.

      Her lips don't look like a Shall/Sha to me, so hopefully it'll be a new mold! :O