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Dream of Doll - DoT Homme Ducan

Dec 19, 2006

    1. I was very excited to receive my first DoD doll yesterday as all my other boys have been Volks, CP or CH.

      However, I noticed he's more of a pinkish colour and he's much taller than the others. He stands out like anything. And I'm not used to his joints....the knees especially...maybe he needs to be restrung. And he squeaks when i move his joints.

      And I can't seem to find a wig that suits him....the one on the site makes him look so cool...but of course, mine didn't come with that wig. And boy does he have a small head for someone so much taller....he fits into my MSD wigs.

      I don't know, maybe it's just me but I'm having a hard time bonding with him.
    2. He...didn't come with the blonde and black wig? In his description it says he comes with that one. Maybe you should ask them about it?
    3. they sure do stand out quite a bit ^^
      DOTs fit best in 8-9 wigs
      The pink fades. Sakuya was much more pale after a few months.
      The joints can easily be fixed :] You can try restringing... that helped a lot with my boy.
      And as for the tall factor, it's stated on the site that DOT males are 64cm, quite a bit taller than the average SD sized boy :/ that's something you'll probably just have to get used to.
      I really hope you can bond with your boy. If not, I'm sure there are plenty of people who would be happy to take him off your hands ^^
    4. @ Ostara - no I didn't order him through the site that's why no wig

      @ Cricket - think I'll give him some more time
    5. I have the Volks and CH dolls, too.

      The colour of the resin is pinker, however I like it. Ducan is about the same size as my SD-16 Yuki. I really like Ducan and I have to admit I did get the full set.

      DoT dolls, like the other taller dolls are made in more realistic proportions....head to body. Bermann, Saint and bernard are all that way.

      As for wigs, I see that Cotton Doll is selling on eBay now. I love her wigs. Leeke Wigs are great. And I'd try to get the DOD wigs, too. (I think Leeke makes the wigs for DOD.) Oh, and Volks wigs made for Yuki the SD-16 fit nicely.

      I don't notice anything different about the leg joints and/or the knees. The doll can wear Berman/Hound things, or the SD-13 things that Volks makes.
    6. Squeakyness - it will pass with playing with the doll. Otherwise just loosen his elastic a touch. BTW Easier to restring than a CP boy I found. The niche where the S hook sits is easier to deal with than wrestling with the neck piece and head cap. I just used a bit of ribbon to restring my guy.

      Good place for wigs Jpop! Grael is so awesome and the wigs are silky soft!

      Wig - any wig from DoD won't be quite the same because they style the crap out of them. If the wig you're using is a bit big try a bit of velcro or an eleastic on the headcap. His expression is quite sultry so a wig to match would be good :) he looks better with bangs that fall into part of his face I've found with my elf Ducan. His head to body size ratio is much more normal which may be why he seems a little weird. If you're attracted to the larger head to body ratio it'll probably take you longer to get used to him

      DoTs are taller, but they stand well :) I personally love the pinkish tones to their skin. The homme is pinker than the normal DoD resin though so that's prolly why it seems so pink. Out on his own it looks quite normal and fresh.

      All in all...play with him. it'll loosen him up, get you more used to how the body works and a better idea if he's right for you.
    7. Everytime I bend his knees for him to sit, they slip out of the socket and his body where it joins at the chest keeps sliping out of place. Is that normal?
    8. ok that's not normal for the chest. sounds like it's loose. If the legs are tight adn the body loose it means the elastic knot got stuck at the bottom and is pulling the leg elastic tight while keeping everything up top loose. May need some fiddling to pull up the knot.

      For the knees that can happen if you're not used to the locking mechanism. If you don't like how they lock there's a little....nub I guess I'd call it at the back that catched onto the leg part which helps lock his legs straight so he's easy to stand. To bend his leg easily just pull a little on his calf part of his leg (lower leg in otherwords) so the latch slips and his knee bends normally....

      Not home so I don't have any pictures to show you what I mean....

      EDIT: stringing him again is easy. To avoid the whole knot slipping issue just put the shook where the knot is so it's in his head.
    9. If you still need pictures I can snap some up. Feel free to PM me if you want some pictures. :3
    10. I just received my H. Ducan yesterday. I really like him...his skin is quite pink, but it just makes me think of roses, so I don't much mind. :)

      The knees of mine do the same thing, I think it's probably just not loose yet?

      The hardest thing I am having with the bonding is the resin texture: I'll be honest, I'm not very happy with it. It's rough in some places, and smooth and weirdly shiny patterned. Is this the horrible D.O.D. resin problem I've been hearing so much about?
    11. I got my Duncan today and I love him. He was just what I had been waiting for. I love the way he poses and just looks breathaking. His skin tone looks pale to me, but that could just be me. I love his skin just the way it is. He's perfect in my eyes.
    12. Resin texture? hmmm that sounds odd because my boys are all the same and even texture and colour over the resin. It might be mould release on the resin so you might want to try giving him a bath (remove the head first) in warm soapy water. If you use a Mr Clean magic Eraser be sure to wear gloves as the chemicals are quite nasty in that stuff
    13. Is that safe to use on the doll? Also, it's not just the weird shiny stuff, but the texture is weird too, in some places, like, kind of rough, almost like there's tiny bubbles in it. It's very odd.

      The colour is even, though, at least.
    14. DOD's resin are quite pinkish at first, and then it slowly fades into something else.
      I've had a DOD doll for a year, and now he's yellow (keeping him in a dark place doesn't help >_< ) but still shows up pinkish under my stupid fluorescent light.
    15. Mr Clean magic eraser is ok on the resin. However don't use it on the face or the paint will come off.

      However over time it can be bad for you as a person since your skin isn't impervious to chemicals on it's surface. I'd suggest using rubber gloves when washing with it.

      As for the rough spots that sounds really weird....I checked all of my boys and they're smooth except for when I first got Ducan. He was kinda rough/tacky on his chest but that washed off (it was mould release). This happens on my Lati boys when they come usually...they all need a bath XD
    16. Oh no, I'm sorry you're not getting on with him! :( That's my worst nightmare, not being able to bond with Phim when she arrives. Good luck!
    17. My Shall has a nice satiny texure all over, I love it....except for behind her thighs, where it's kind of shiny. I never realized that it could be mold release...that makes total sense since I had to wash resin model kits before painting them >< I'll wash her down and see if it helps :) Thanks Rilly lol
    18. For those with a rough resin texture.. maybe try a light sanding with fine grade sandpaper? n_n My 2006 Juri from Luts had a really rough head when he arrived XD it was really STRANGE, but as an experiement, I brushed fine sandpaper lightly over his headcap and now he's all nice and smooth like my other CP dolls :3
    19. Yeah, I've done a light sanding on the few of my dolls who arrived with different resin textures, and it evened right up :>

      DoD resin can be shiny sometimes, so a quick going-over with a superfine sandpaper pad takes the shine off the surface. Coating with MSC can also help, although I prefer the sanding method because it lasts, as opposed to MSC which needs periodic re-application.

      Good luck!

      -- A :>
    20. Thanks for all your tips, guys! I'll probably do the bath thing as soon as I get back to school, and whatever that doesn't fix, I'll sand lightly. ^_^