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Dream of Doll DoT Sha Discussion

Sep 15, 2006

    1. Sha is unquestionably adorable. He instantly replaced my desire for a Kohya, the first time I saw him on DOD. His masculine-looking pictures on DOD hooked me and immediately he was in my wishlist.

      I was searching for Sha-owners too to further convince me that he was the "perfect" one. Unfortunately, I only found two, and their Sha's didn't really impressed me. It's not the way the owners dressed their dolls okay, that didn't really matter. The thing is, the Sha I saw on DOD is not the Sha I saw on their pictures.:( He was so pale and the default face-up didn't really matched his skin tone. Also, he looked... screamingly gay!:? That dissapointed me the most because his pictures on DOD looked... masculine.

      Anyone who owns a DoT Sha here? (Oh, please the masculine ones. I know Sha and Shall have the same head mould, but still Sha is a boy version. :() Pls convince me guys that he's worth it. I don't wanna waste bunch of dollars and regret that I've ever bought him.:(

      ***Note to self: Advertisments can be preety decieving.:(
    2. Well, my first impression of my Sha, when I first pulled him out of the package and still face-upless, was tha he really did look like the company pictures. I need to take some photos! >.< I'm such a bad keeper. If you like a boyish look, Sha cirtainly has that down. That's something my Mom would always comment on, how boyish he looked.
    3. I've ordered a Sha and he'll probably be getting here in a week or two, so if you don't mind waiting a week or two I can upload some pictures. I have the default face-up and I've ordered a black wig for him which should be coming when I get him.
    4. Nek's Neil is quite masculine, if you ask me. o3o He's also quite dead - but one of my favorite Shas!

      My advice: If you don't like the default faceup, then don't get the default faceup! It makes the doll look very sweet and soft, and it was definitely not what I wanted my boy to be, so I sent him away to a DoA member to get his faceup done. He isn't masculine persay, but he looks so different from a lot of the default Shas!

      Maybe you can try finding a picture of a Sha without a faceup, use Photoshop to add what you want the faceup to look like, and see if you like him then! :3 Remember, the pictures on the site are there only to give you an idea of what the doll COULD look like - but a BJD is a blank canvas, and you can make your boy into whatever you want! I've actually taken to looking at the face shape and facial features in company photos, instead of looking at the company photos as a whole...because who wants their special doll to look exactly like the promo pictures? :D
    5. tenshi_no_korin>> Thanks... I'll be browsing.:)

      toratenryuu>> Is that so, hmm... thanks... we'll see.:)

      Sasukenkun6>> Sure, I'd love to see 'im. Just notify me when he arrives.:) thanks.:)

      Kokoro Daisuke>. Thanks. I'll be searching for make-upless shas.`Yes,o
    6. Sha was my first BJD, and I have a strong love for him and all of the DoT's. . . I guess I'm not a great candidate of showing off my Sha because he is screamingly gay, but he is the seme. . . :sweat

      here are some of his more masculine pics:



      and even though he's wearing a dress, I think this different wig does alot to make him more punk boy-ish:

      dunno if that helps your decision any, but I think he's a breathtaking guy. :aheartbea
    7. I actually don't own a Sha, although he has been on a friend's wishlist for a while and I would have killed for him if only to get that outfit of his which never was offered anyway XD. The only real input I have to say is DOD has an absolutely amazing photographer and an absolutely amazing artist who does the faceups for the model dolls. The person who does the makeup for the models does not do anything for the dolls that you buy. DO take into consideration MANY of owners photos rather than the advertisments (although also take into consideration that pictures taken at certain angles and lighting can make the same doll look very different.). I still swear if Volks put the effort into advertising their dolls the way DOD does... eee @_@~

      Also, if you still want Sha, only a more boyish version and he isn't boy enough looking for you, there is always the option of modding 8D And if not, Sha will not be a regret. I am sure you will be able to get back what you paid for him if you decided to sell him ^_^

      Also, I may be wrong, but I hear if you ask really really nicely, sometimes DOD will take into considerations requests you have. You could thus theoretically try asking them to make him more boyish looking than not. :D

      Good luck with whatever you decide!
    8. I have a Shall (which is the same head, but on a girl's body) and I always thought the head looked quite androgynous to me. S/he's not very feminine but not exactly masculine either. Possibly because the head has a smooth, round face without hard angles or a tough jaw line. In any case, it depends heavily on the faceup done, and like someone else said, I'd highly recommend getting the faceup custom-done by an artist that does faceups in the style and mood you're looking for.
    9. XD I had similar thoughts. He looked like a boy in the promo pics but when I saw him on the board he looked like Shall again. Not all the pics, I saw, but some.

      Custom faceup, I say. I think they may make him a little too eyelashy and his lips a little too defined and it makes him look a touch more feminine.
    10. Well just so you know, Kohya is equally amazing in person as he is in photos..:) More beautiful, really. I was floored by his face up when he arrived.
    11. Seiko>> Really? haha! I could ask DOD to make my Sha, a bit personalized? cool!:) well if I'll have to sell him, I wouldn't opt to buy him then. Yes, I've learned my lesson to not completely trust advertisments. =,= That's why I'm searching for doll owners who can convince me enough to buy Sha. Thaks for your opinion.:) highly appreciated.:)

      peach-and-lime>> If wigs does the trick... hmm... *thinky-thinky-thinky...* thanks anyway.:)

      muffin573>> If Shall doesn't look too girly, then Sha is in the "bishounen' category? hmmm...*thinky-thinky-thinky...*

      Travesty>> Yes, custom face-up, custom face-up!^^ Majority of you says so, and I'm putting it into mind.:) thank you.:)
    12. Usagi665>>Well, no matter how hard I try to deny it, I still want a Kohya.:(
    13. [​IMG]

      Yes, give into your Kohya love :D
    14. usagi665>> Haha!:D sure, I'll think about it. nice Kohya.^^ but I think he'll look more hotter if you'll change his pink eye shadow to something more natural.^^ just a suggestion.:) [I am so into boyish dolls huh? maybe I should get Lati K instead of a Sha or a Kohya.^^]
    15. usagi665 and to all>> I'm just kidding about the Lati K, okay? He's a good prospect though.:)
    16. Originally I was going to change the face up, but it's just incredibly gorgeous in person..my crappy camera can't capture the details very well since they're delicately airbrushed. I love him glamorous :aheartbea
    17. Sha not looking like the DOD photos in owner photos is because of the strange virus that prevents a lot (not all) owners from taking good photos of DOD dolls, probably because as I find they're occasionally hard to photograph. They are gorgeous, and as it was mentioned earlier, the face up is what makes the doll look girly or boyish, not necessarily the head mold.

      And the only real difference between Sha and Shall is that Sha has a boy body and Shall has a girl body, they're otherwise identical (except maybe for the neck size I think it was mentioned that it was slightly different so the head fits on the DOT boy body or something).
    18. moonlitparadox>> what sort of virus? could it be blocked or something?
    19. I love my Sha.

      He's actually the first doll I ever purchased (and I too fell in love with his pic on DoD). I find him very versitile (though I mostly choose to keep him looking sweet) but even with the default faceup you can get him to look much more masculine just by changing his wig. (a lot of owners tend to not shape the wig as much - I am guilty of this but recently got some wig hair wax so I can style it)

      I have a ton of newer pics with the dark wig on (which to me look better than my first pics up in the Database)

      I also have a bunch of DoTs pictured there but the Sha is with the Ducan because someone was asking for pics of them together in the request forum. Not the best pics honestly because I haven't had the time for good pic taking with my gels and lights so this is just them tossed outside

      like someone mentioned his lips are very defined which make him look a little more girly. If you go with DoD makeup try the light browns as they're much more subtle and neutral looking colours.

      Sha has slightly altered feaures from the Shall head in the lips and a few other areas. I'll have a closer look at them side by side and see if I have time maybe next weekend to take good pics

      I have some random other Sha pics like these ones


      oh and here's the link to some of the dark haired ones:


      As for Kohya - he's also a nice doll. Honestly though, try and see both in person so you have a good idea of what you're getting into. Sometimes owner pics can get you an idea but I personally like to see them up front.

      If you're looking for something very masculine then probably Sha isn't the way to go. He can be masucline but not terribly so. He's very bishonen IMHO and the Lati M I'm after is much more masculine :)

      Again I can try dithering around with my proper camera equipment...I have some blue angel wings i want to photograph him in anyhoo so it's not hard to throw them up somewhere and share