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Dream of Doll DoT Vs Luts Delf - who can STAND best?

May 12, 2007

    1. Hello, i'm thinking about adding a SD doll to my group. its important to me that my dolls can stand on their own. My firend as 2 cp EL's and she says that they can be diffcult when it comes to standing. I'm thinking about getting DOT SHA or SHIWOO.

      my question is DOT owners how well do your dolls stand? And cp Luts owners how well do your dolls stand? any advice would help out alot thanks!!!:)
    2. I used to own a DOT Shall who could stand easily (put her up, arrange her feet a bit so she has a good balance, and voilà! I never had her fall, once she was standing up), so there would be no issue on that side ^^
    3. The DoT boy body has locking knees, which makes standing easy. The Delf bodies doen't have locking knees, but with practice you can make them stand too.
      I'm thinking of hot-glue sueding my DoT boy. I've strung him a bit tighter, but still now and then he tends to double over at the upper leg joints. It's not that hard to make my boy stand. It's hard to keep him standing for long.
    4. I don't know about other CP dolls but my Chiwoo Naoe was a floppy rag doll when he came to me but I could make him stand from the first day if I balanced him just. right. I've tightened his strings and that has helped a bunch but he's still not a standing+posing champ.. I'm going to hot glue/suede him soon, hopefully that'll make him a lot easier to work with :sweat
    5. I can always get my CP and DOT boys to stand. CP takes a little effort (they are loosely strung and floppy), DOT has lock at the knees so it's easier to get them to stand. I never hot glued or sueded any of my dolls.
    6. Getting my luts girls to stand is a real pain. Hot glue sueding really didn't help my tan lishe but cloth sueding helped my soony a bunch!!
      Wiring, I hear, is also a good solution for Cp's
    7. Luts sends them loosely strung to keep them from being broke by the tension in shipping. They just need to be restrung. Both the girls here stand like rocks, as do the DoTs and my good freind's CP dolls. Its all in the stringing :) My sister's Lishe stands like a rock in high heels, so CP's just need a little fiddling with and they're fine
    8. I've got both, and I'm ditto-ing what everyone else said on the ease of standing DOTs thanks to the locking knees. I never quite trust my Shiwoo, but I can plonk my Camine down and he'll stand perfectly from the get-go with minimal effort, and I can walk away and leave him be, trusting him to stay up. I'd never do that with either of my CP boys, but my DOT? He's a rock, even to the point where I'm guilty of leaning other dolls against him whilst I'm standing them and trusting him to keep them upright as well as himself ^^

      Having said that, my Shiwoo was an utter pain to stand until I sueded and wired him, and now he's far, far better. Not perfect by any means, but he doesn't crumple like my unsueded, unwired El has a tendency of doing.

      I think in the end either type can be a good stander, but the CP dolls just require a bit more work to get them to anywhere near approaching the level of DOT standing. You shouldn't let that put you off either Sha or Shiwoo, though - they're both lovely sculpts ;)
    9. yeah, like everyone has said, DOTs have locking knees so they are really easy to stand, my boy has never fallen over while standing :)
    10. I've got three CPs and they all will stand. Sometimes they can be difficult and I'll need to be patient, but most of the time they'll be OK. I don't think I'd trust them standing for LONG periods, but they'll stand for an hour or so.

      They came strung pretty tightly. I haven't had to adjust anything and haven't wired or sueded them. My last one was bought early in 2006, and I bought all directly from CP through Liria's buying service--so none came from Luts.

      They all have the typical 'kicky-leg' syndrome, though. (Their knees just love to buckle!) I wish there was a locking mechanism in their knees... that would be so cool. Ah, well... *_*
    11. I've got DOT Shall, and she does stand on her own, but she's a bit wobbly. I figured that was normal...but reading other peoples posts, it seems as though it's luck of the draw. She DOES stand...but I wont move far from her when she is, for fear of her falling forwards! I've got her a pair of big, clompy shoes and they seem to help some.
    12. I have both CP and DoT dolls. My two DoTs, a Shall and a Ducan, could stand on their own right out of the box. My girl can stand on her own with high heels. I've never had a problem with them standing on their own. My CP, though, can't stand at all on his own....his knees have a hard time looking into place so more often than not, he collapses to the floor. But I still love him - he just doesn't stand as well as my DoTs!!
    13. My Tanning Lishe will stand indefinitely.
      I've left her standing almost an entire day once just to see if she would, I got tired of not being able to cuddle her in the end and picked her up.
      She's only fallen over twice in 7 months (Due to me not making sure her ankles were secure.)
      I'd say the longest she has stood will be around 8 hours, I was confident enough to leave her as I walked in and out of the room and even left the house, she was still standing fine when I got home. She is strung very very well.
      P.s She as always been like that right form the box and will stand in shoes or bare feet.
    14. Well, I know he's only a MNF, but my Shiwoo can do this:
    15. My CP boy, chiwoo, cannot stand that great unless we have him strung so tight to where I'm scared that it'll break him T_T. So we redid the stringing but he still sucks at standing -- however Keicai_ayan can get him to stand fine...maybe its just me.
    16. Our Elf El never stood fabulously, though I seem to have always been good at getting him to stand. Dunno. We hot glue 'sueded' him though (minimal glue) and now he stands like a dream.
    17. I restrung my friend's Type 1 Body Shiwoo a while ago. He was strung really loosely, so first I fixed that. Then I hot glue sueded a bunch of his joints, and his legs stopped swivelling and buckling and he could stand just fine ^ ^
    18. My Tanning Lishe is exactly like this as well :)
    19. pretty much what others have said. CPs will stand easily with some effort to stringing and often sueding. DoTs are a little less effort to stand since most can do so right out of the box.

      That being said, it's really a matter of playing with your doll and learning how the balance and joints work. I can get both DoTs and CPs (type 1 and 2) to stand and do all sorts of things (check the DoT sticky for the crazy leg poses :) ). It just depends on how much extra effort you want to put into your doll. Alternatively, if you want to leave them standing around for long periods of time I suggest a doll stand. I wouldn't leave a doll just standing unattended for too long on the off chance that something might happen and they fall and break into pieces.
    20. All my CP Delf kids stand without a problem, and they can stay like that for days (like when I posed them in a Christmas scene, they stayed just like I had left them for a whole week).

      Of course they arrived all floppy, loosely strung, but even then they could stand easily! After restringing them it was a lot easier, but they still stand perfectly :)

      Now, my MNF kid... he's my only problem child when it comes to make him stand!! :(