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Dream of Doll feedback!

Sep 16, 2007

    1. I'm interested in buying a few dolls from Dream of Doll, but I'd like to make sure it's a good and reliable site before I invest a few thousand dollars into it. :)

      I would like to know the quality of the dolls and overall satisfaction from current owners, please.

      As well, when the doll arrived, how was it packaged? Was the doll in a carrier bag, or just a regular doll box? (I'm debating on whether or not to buy doll bags so I can take them with me on vacation and such)

      Is it safe to use cc, or should I pay by check/cash/paypal?

      Is the store reliable?

      Any other general feedback and/or advice is really appreciated! :aheartbea

      EDIT: I just remembered! What does store credit do? And what is it for?
    2. The quality is great! Their "normal" skin is a little more pale then most companies, but the dolls are gorgeous. I love my DOT Camine to pieces, so I would consider myself an extremely satisfied customer ^^

      DOCs are shipped with carrier bags, and sit snuggly between 2 soft cushions/pillows. They currently dont sell carriers for their DOTs. But the DOTs come very securely packaged with much bubble wrap and 2 cushions.

      CC is safe, and from what I've heard they arent accpeting paypal at the moment. Dont quote me on it though, i could be wrong.

      The store has been reliabe in my experience. Be patient with replys to emails, like if you want to order clothes. Thet rarely have many of their outfits in stock, but emailing them to add it to your order is no problem.

      Good Luck ^_^ Their dolls are definetely worth the wait.

    3. Thanks! Yeah... I've heard that the wait is really long... but they have replied to my emails fairly rapidly. There are a lot of outfits I'd like to buy that say "out of stock"... Ah well... I should probably email them about it, huh? ^_^ Thanks so much!

      EDIT: If anyone else has anything to add, please post! ^_^ I love to hear more feedback. :)
    4. I agree with Insane-chan....the dolls really are gorgeous and mine came wrapped nice and tight in a really cute box :) Her resin is pale, smooth, and not shiny at all. The wait was killer but it was worth it :)
    5. Agreeing with the previous. ^__^ My boy came very nicely packed in his carrier bag, poses like a dream, his faceup is just lovely...the works. I couldn't be happier with him. His resin is extremely pale, but it suits him very, very nicely. My wait wasn't as long as some (I had a bit of a deadline I was chasing and they came through for me, I love them for this very much), but they are more than worth every week's worth of wait. ^____^
    6. I love my two DoCs. :) DoD was good and polite about replying to my emails. And although the wait could be a little nail-bitting at times, they were worth it. You can tell they are quality made dolls.
    7. Only the DOCs come with carriage bags, the DOTs come in boxes. I have a DOC homme ivan, he came all nicely wrapped up within his bag with two pillows and tons of bubblewrap. beautiful quality resin. I had no problem dealing with them and I paid by credit card. There's hundreds of people on DoA who have ordered from DOD and will tell you they're a fine company
    8. Agreed, the quality of these dolls are just absolutely stunning. However, in my personal experience, the customer service has never made me want to purchase from again ( hence my hounding of the marketplace which finally paid off xD ). While as everyone has mentioned the wait can be horrendous, it was really simply the lack of overall communication that bothered me.
    9. I have two DoC's. Well, I'm selling my twingkey but I'm getting another one with mature body. The quality is just great, they have a nice weight to them, very sturdy, overall I love them. The communication is lacking like others said though, but I have more dolls to get from them, so I'm not that afraid of sending money to them. :)
    10. I have 2DOT's and 2 DOC's. I love the face sculpts and find the resin to be of great quality. The resin is pinky white, which I love.

      My DOT's arrived in a box with two pillows and wrapped very securely in bubblewrap. The DOC's arrived bubblewrapped between 2 pillows and in a carrying case.
    11. My experience with DOD have been very good.

      Shipping time usually vary depending on their work orders. When I ordered my H. Ducan, he was shipped out in five weeks (on time) and with a most wonder face-up. When I ordered outfits later, the order was shipped out the same day I had placed the order (and the confirmation of the payment); since the three items were in stock.
      The quality of the doll is very good. He is very solid and heavy (my other doll from AS is much lighter).
      Due to the language issues, they do not always answer questions. But they do reply to you between 2-5 days about your order, when you actually placed an order.
    12. They're not shiny? :o That's awesome! *dances*
    13. Oooh... hmm. Do they not answer shipping status emails? Or do they not send you any updates? That would get very irritating if communication was cut off and the wait was a few months time. :(
    14. That's good! ^_^ So if I check with them beforehand to see if everything I want is in stock, it should take less time to ship?

    15. Dolls must be made, they are never in stock. They do not stock them. However, the stock status of other items, such as wigs and outfits, are listed on the website.
    16. They do send you shipping notice when the order is ready. They may not answer your shipping inquiry so fast, if your order is not ready for shipping yet (such as asking at 4 weeks mark.)
    17. I agree with the others here. The quality of the dolls is fantastic. Despite the DOTs not being packed in carry bags, they are securely packed in boxes with lots of protection from bubblewrap and the two thick pillows. Both my boys arrived intact and undamaged.

      Getting a response to your email can be a problem, but I think this is more a language thing than disinterest or deliberately bad customer service. I've always had a response from them, but patience is the key. Emailing them every couple of days to let them know they haven't replied doesn't help the situation.

      I've used Paypal and wire transfer to buy from them and the only problem I encountered was my own fault for forgetting to include the Order No on the wire transfer document. But the problem was sorted and my doll arrived promptly (two days before Christmas!).

      DODs dolls are gorgeous and well worth the wait while they are made, and their faces made up.
    18. Oh yes, I meant the outfits, shoes, and wigs. ^_^ Thanks!
    19. Oh! That's right! For make up, what do they mean for the specific colors? Is it for the whole face color hue, or just the eye lining color?
    20. The makeup colors are like hues not just the eye color. So instead of having the normal default colors for the lips and cheeks as seen in the photos, you can get them in a brighter pink tint or a neutral brown. There are from references of these choices in the picture request forums, I believe.