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Dream of Doll- New D.O.T. Boy Body

Jan 10, 2009

    1. Dream of Doll just announced that they will be releasing a new boy body, viewable on the site January 17th! They also announced that both the new girl and boy bodies will be available as options for all purchases of D.O.T. boys and girls. This is so exciting, I wonder what the new body will look like. xD

    2. Oh no! Does this mean white skin won't be available on full dolls any more?

      Edit: Oh OK, I got confused by the info in the E-an database.
    3. White skin has never been available as an option, as DoD only have one skin type (apart from gray and tanned on limiteds) ^^u
    4. They occasionally add white skin option, I remember you could get I-Ra in white skin. I don't think they've ever had standards in white though.
    5. I have a White Skin Delphine, DOD only ever offer limited in different skin colours.

      The new body is pretty much just the "improved" elbows.
    6. check out >> D.O.C New body 2. you can see the double joints and it looks fab!

      I ordered my DOT on Dec 10th to get the event head, im wondering if DOD will now let me upgrade my body to a new DOT boy one if i pay the extra (assuming there is extra cost involved............hmmmm:eusa_pray
    7. That'd be great if we could (I did the same thing) but I have a feeling it was released after the event so people would buy the old bodies, which might already be made, for the Tender Sha heads... to clear them out, maybe? Let us know if they let you, and for how much!
      The new body will pose wonderfully, I bet. Though I've heard the DOTs don't pose badly to begin with...​