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Dream of Doll Outfit Sale!!!

Feb 17, 2011

    1. Just thought I'd pass on what I just saw on DOD's website. See below...




      Hello dear^^

      We're Dream of Doll~

      As of February 18, we'll sell some outfit at 40% off.

      Since there are not many items, we expect products will be early out of stock.

      Hope that you will make use of this chance and can obtain items at a good price~

      You can find subject of this sale in SPECIAL SALE.

      Thank you very much for warmest support and attention~!

      Dream of Doll

      * SPECIAL SALE * → Push me
    2. They are currently listed as sold out, but I suppose tomorrow they will list them on sale.
    3. The sale didn't start yet in Korean time did it?
    4. @AnnoDomini: Yesterday I was able to place an order for one of the outfits at a discounted price. I'm unsure if it was because the sale started early or because of a technical issue.