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Dream of Doll resin colors (And matching w/ other dolls)

Aug 22, 2010

    1. Kay, so, I can't figure this out. For the D.O.T. Or just D.O.D. in general, do they have different resin colors? Because they all look pretty WS to me....
      I wanna match a DOT body to a Soom Kanoa head, and I super like the NS Kanoa, but it seems that the only way I'll get a body I actually like to have a resin match with him is if he's WS...
      So: Does DOT come in NS, and if so, does it match Soom NS? (And would WS even match?)
    2. I can't compare Soom to DoD yet because my Soom hasn't arrived yet, but can help you to have some idea of the colour of the DoT. I have a cream-white Iplehouse JID Tania and DoD DoT Shall. Shall is a slightly pinker colouring to the cream-white of Iple. I'll be able to take a photo if you want one but have to wait till the sun comes up for the day ;-). Right now, it is too early to have a non-flash photo. But yes, the colouring of DoT is very white so you probably would need to match it to a WS Soom. That's just my guess.
    3. A photo would be great! Though I don't have an Iplehouse (or any dolls ;~; ) it would just be great to see an owner photo of the skin color compared to another doll so I can get a feel for it.
      -sigh- I guess I'll just have to get a WS, then... thanks! C8
    4. No, Soom WS is a creamier color than DOD's NS, which is a pale pink. You'd have to do blushing to match for sure.

    5. I have a Nenad on order which I think is Soom white skin. I can take a comparison photo when she does arrive. No idea when that will be though so don't hold your breath :-) Hopefully someone else will have comparisons for you sooner though.

      It is very pinky isn't it heidipay. Compared to the other colours i have here, she has a definate pink to her skin. I doubt she would look right with any white skin without blushing. BUT with my Shall next to my Tania, the blushed colouring is nice next to each other. Not sure I would put a DoD head on creamy white body though. Iple creamy white is probably very different to the Soom white.

      Sorry, they aren't nearly as clear as I wanted to get them. Hope they show you the comparisons. I have also added closeups of a few headcaps so you can see the pink colouring on the DoD skin compared to other skin tones I have here. Somoene else might have better pics to show colouring.

      left to right - Iplehouse Real skin / Iplehouse Creamy white / Dream of Doll / Fairyland Normal skin

      12 o'clock Dream of Doll headcap
      3 o'clock Fairyland normal skin
      6 o'clock Iplehouse real skin
      9 o'clock Iple creamy white
    6. Thank you! Well, I actually really want a NS Kanoa (I tried to accept him with WS, but I can't take it, he's just not Cain ;~; ), so I looked for another body that would be a good match for the NS (I've BEEN doing this, with no luck) and found AOD, so I'm gonna go for that, instead.... Even if they don't perfectly match, it's the closest I've come to finding a body I like with a good resin match... and I would have to mod the neck hole like every other body I've found....
      but thank you for the help!
    7. Does anyone know which companies match well DoD resin? I want a pair of jointed hands for my DOI