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Dream of Doll Resin Matches

Mar 7, 2012

    1. I've searched the forums and I've searched online and have not been able to find a thread that answers my question.

      I'm thinking about replacing my DoD boy and girl bodies for the Angel of Dream mini bodies since they are a lot more mature looking than the regular mini bodies. The characters that I have in mind would not have child like bodies. :)

      I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with resin matches between these two companies? I think that DoD has only one color resin if I remember correctly, while AoD has three or four colors.

      Thanks is advance.
    2. bump for today
    3. Bumping again.
    4. Not a reply you're looking for, but AngellStudio also offers two pink resins that highly sounds like it will match DoD. They offer several resin tones on all their dolls sizes ( YoSD - 70cm )

      There are allot of stuff about it if you look up Angell Studio Resin in the Advance search, just titles

      Some links

    5. Thanks for the info, but the Angell Studio mini bodies are just not mature looking enough for what I have in mind. The AoD bodies have more muscle definition and look like smaller versions of adult bodies. That's what I need for the model characters I have in mind.

      Any advice on this match?
    6. You might want to have a look at this thread for DOD skintone comparisons.

      As DOD vs AOD resin match, it seems like it's a hit or miss. As you can see from my post there, the AOD pink normal skin body I have matches DOD but another member's pink normal skin body doesn't.
    7. Bumping this thread because I've got a Dream Head 4 that waits for a body but I don't really like the DOI one.
      Anyone has got a good match for 2011 DOD resin? I've seen that the previous resin matches DIM, AS, dollzone and AOD but I wanted to know if the matches are the same for the newest resin.
      Thanks! ^w^