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Dream of Doll site down?

Jul 27, 2005

    1. I went to the Dream of Doll site (through www.dreamofdoll.com) and there was a ... something in Korean that I couldn't read. Unfortunatly, whatever it says is in an image file, so I can't run it through a translator or anything, so, uhm ... any ideas?
    2. Looks like the Korean site is working -- the English/Japanese sites are timing out. May just be a problem with their webhost . . .

      . . . I hope everything's okay with them, I've been waiting on a Tender Too and Bee-A for ages!!

      It's probably just a transitory problem, though -- *crosses fingers*

      -- Andii
    3. Hmmm that site is up again. :grin: I am looking at it now (the English one).
    4. I just tried again -- instead of the normal animated front page, http://www.dreamofdoll.com takes me to the main page of the Korean site. When I click on the "English" button, it tries to load, but it's not taking me to the English site.

      I'm pretty sure it's just a glitch with their hosting, although I hope it's fixed soon!

      -- Andi (still practically mugging the mailman on a daily basis, heh)
    5. Mmmm... try this url. I was bypassing the mainpage. Maybe that is why the site is up for me. Hope it works. :daisy

    6. The website is back up already, so no worries. :daisy