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Dream of Doll Winter Event!

Dec 5, 2008

    1. Hey guys, looks like Dream of Doll's doing a little more than just offering limited dolls!



      1) We'll choose three of customers who purchase new limited version doll in all of the world.
      And we'll give them presents, NEW DOI dolls with make-up. :)
      2) We'll give New Tender Head to customers who purchase something more than $300.00 USD. (You can't select the skin color.)
      (The payment has to be done within Jan. 5 per one order.
      And we'll give only one new tender head although you order many times in sale period.)
      3) Wigs and dresses will be sold at a reduced price in the EVENT category.
      (They can be sold out earlier more than we expect.)

      [Sale period]
      1) Order period - Dec. 10 to Dec. 31
      2) Payment period - Dec. 10 to Jan. 5 (dolls only)
      (wigs, dresses - within 3 days since place an order)

      [Announcement for event]
      We'll announce about three customers who are chosen on Jan. 10. ^>^

      ** Please check out the detail in the EVENT category. **

      Have a great day!
      Thanks, always.
      - Dream of Doll -

      Sounds exciting! :D