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Dream of Doll Xmas Event

Dec 14, 2007

    1. Just saw this on the DoD site


      Hello ~ this is DREAM OF DOLL.
      Christmas is just around the corner and I am sure you all vry excited about the holiday, new years and all.
      I can already hear the bell from Salvation Army and Christmas carols. ^^
      We are finally releasing D.O.I and also doing Christmas event, please refer to the below details.

      Event period : 15th DEC ~ 30th DEC (until mid-night on Korean time)
      You can order from 15th DEC and it has to be paid until 5th JAN. After that order without payment will be canceled.

      EVENT 1 - For this event period 15th DEC ~ 30th DEC, the price is discounted. After the event, from January 1st of 2008, it will be normal price again. (available in only D.O.I)

      EVENT 2 - customers who purchase DOD doll one time, during this event period

      (This is for the customer who complete the payment before 5th JAN, and can not offer duplicate
      Also this does not apply to body or parts order. )


      1. Event head can be found at the EVENT on the category list
      This is head only, so if you want make-up please order make-up and write event make-up at the request page.
      Event make-up is default make-up only,

      2. This event head is only for DOT body.
      3. This is customized Lahoo head, it won't be sold anymore after the event.
      4. Please do not sell this head to others.
      5. One head for each customer, no overlap.

      EVENT 3 - There will be a free gift wig for more than 200.00 USD amount order
      It's picked randomly, so you can't choose color, design and size etc. It's also one wig for each customer.

      Exception : If you already receive event head, there won't be free gift wig.

      You can use Paypal temporarily for this event period 15th DEC ~ 30th DEC. for those who has a trouble with credit card payment and wire transfer.
      As we told before we lose money using Paypal when we withdraw, and it causes some financial trouble to us. So we only allow Paypal just for the event period, please understand.

      PayPal address : dreamofdoll933@yahoo.co.kr

      We are still receiving the copy of ID and card ( same name, ID holder and card holder's name should be same) for credit card payment as we announced before. Other than that we have to cancel your order and payment.

      For wire transfer, please don't forget to pay the remittance fee.

      We always thank to DOD lovers and have a very warm and merry Christmas and happy New Year with your family, neighbors and friends, ^^

      We wish you the best!

      Dream of Doll

      Link to the Lahoo head:
      Event Head
    2. I am a bit confused. Can someone explain to me when you get the event head? Do you need to buy a certain item or spend a certain amount or can you buy the head? *feels stupid*
    3. you need to buy any DOD doll to get event head
    4. So if you buy one of the new dolls at a discount -- event 1, can you also get a head -- event 2, or is that just for the regularly priced dolls?
    5. EVENT 1: you'll buy DOI in discounted price.

      EVENT 2: When you bought DOD doll at one time you'll get the event head. (does DOI count on this??)

      EVENT 3: and for those who spend $200 in any DOD items you'll get the free random wig.

      If you get the Event head you can't get the free wig...

      Darn it!! The tender Lahoo is so damn gorgeous!!! >,<
    6. Hello

      The following was the reply from DOD:

      Hello customer ^^

      There was miscommunication on the web site, you can have this event head if you buy any 1 DOD dolls. For example if you buy 1 DOC, you get the head, same thing apply to DOT or DOI. You buy only one doll to get event head.

      But this event head allow for only 1 ID, one customer.

      Also if you buy body parts, you get the wig when is over 200.00 USD worth,

      For the clothing option, you can only get their own cloths. and these clothes are not sell seperately. I am very sorry about this,

      If you have any further questions, please let me know,


      So, if you are buying two dolls and want two event heads; you will have to purchase under TWO different customer ID.