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Dream of Dolls - DoT Delphine

Jan 24, 2009

    1. (If this is in the wrong place, please move/delete. :) )

      EDIT: For the record, this was mostly due to the contrast between owner pictures and site promos. I know they're supposed to be selling their product, but I don't see why they need fancy lighting or angles to do so. ^^;

      So I've been looking more and more at Delphine's face, and the more I see it, the more I just can't "love" it.

      Her facial expression looks like she's dreamy or tired, and with certain faceups she looks like she has a bit of a dumbstruck look on her face...

      (Yes, I have seen one in person, and my opinion hasn't changed.)

      What do you think of Delphine's face shape/expression?
    2. This is definitely not supposed to be in debate, as it is really more a statement of your opinion on a certain doll.

      *edit* I see it's been moved to the proper place. XD
    3. Personally, I like open-eyed cute dollies. Tender/romantic/ect. aren't for me.

      But I did see a Delphine I liked...

      Except for the teeth, I think her face-up is kinda cute. (I don't like teeth either)

      Watch out! This thread might just get you beat up! You know how insulting other people's dolls go.
    4. She's really pretty! And unique. A child vampire with chubby cheeks I want to pinch. Vamps and gray skin are always cool. And that stock outfit is amazing.

      I do think that the DOD photos don't quite seem to fit the other pics I've seen of her. Not what I was expecting from the promotional pics, ya know? Kalix too. And yeah I know the promo pics can vary from actual product, but it seems like a notable difference to me.

      EDIT: I think it's the shadows over the eyes. The promo pics lighting hide the eyes. And the actual releases faceups looked not as good.
    5. The promotional pictures of this company are always very good, I love the quality of them. Downside is that you have to wait for owner pictures before you can decide if it is the doll you like, or the presentation of the company photo's.
      I'm quite fond of half-closed eyed dolls and right now most of my dolls are dreaming versions of a regular sculpt. But after seeing owner pics of Delphine, I don't like her. I don't think it's the eyes, though, I've never been very fond of any DoD-sculpt.

      So, I guess it's like any other doll in this fandom: Some you like, some you don't care about.
    6. Hey if you don't like a doll you don't need to make a debate topic about it :| everyone has their own tastes. If i made a topic for every doll i "just can't love" it'd need it's own forum!

      I havnt come across a single Delphine that looks the same. Everyone has been making her into their own whether she has the default face-up or otherwise.

      I was beyond tempted to flame. I hate topics where people look down on others dolls.

    7. Errmm... okay?
      What do you want, a medal...?
      It's kind of rude to make a topic to openly criticize a doll. I'd be weary about doing this in the future, you may get some not-so-nice PMs in your inbox.

      Maybe you should go into the D.O.I. thread and tell them how you think their dolls are ugly.

      I don't like Bobobie or Doll-Zone that much, but I don't go around and talk about how their faces look screwy and how I 'don't love them'.
    8. me personally? i don't particularly care for either Delphine or Kalix, i think the face is odd. it has a very childish look, which contrasts with the mature body. i also don't find them to be very vampire like or gothic. they might appeal more to me if they were more tiny size, but as SD dolls, they don't work for me. the only exception is someone's interpretation of Delphine as a cat, that was kind of cute.

      please understand, that i don't hate them, and i am glad for all the owners who have bought them and love them.
    9. I'm guessing you're asking about the comparison between her in owner photos and company stock? Like the differing feelings about them.

      Well for starts, I don't think it's necessary to start a thread to discuss what you don't like about a specific doll. Each doll has their fans and owners and beauty differs for each person.

      I personally am not fond of quite a few companies and DoD is one I'm luke warm about, I can see why people like them, my friends loves them.. I'm not as keen on most of their dolls, they don't have the 'look' I want haughty and smirky. Generally I find DoD has brilliant clothes and designs and photoshopped photos ;) If it's not a limited then I suggest owner photos would help, their photos are very shopped xD But I say the same about alot of companies like Souldoll, Soom, DollZone etc... I'm just not fond of a round eyed, innocent, chibi faced look, regardless of company or size.
    10. Fortunate then that no one forced you to buy her.

      She's not my cup of tea either, but I do like some of the other DoD sculpts. One of the great things about this hobby is that there are all types of dolls that can be customized in all sorts of ways that appeal to different people. All dolls being the same would be boring, and that is one of main reasons ball jointed dolls exist at all.
    11. She does have a very child-like face, which seems more apparent to me since I changed her wig. But I don't really find it to be a distraction. Though it is kinda creepy to look at the size and sculpt disparity between her and Kalix, which really makes her look like a child.

      Delphine is also one of the few dolls I have that have half closed eyes, as I usually don't like them. I guess I just don't like some "tender" sculpts, like tender Shall, but I love my Dollzone Celine and Isabel.

      It's perhaps a dumb reason to buy a doll, but I've been longing for a grey-skinned elf for forever, so I leapt at the preorder. I would have really preferred it if she did not have vampire teeth, but on the whole, I love mine.
    12. I have her and I while I have contemplated on selling her, I still want to see if I can bond with her. After having 2 nightmares of her biting me in the back, I still think she is a cute doll. Hubby thinks I should get rid of her if I am not comfortable with her, but I'll think about it some more. Right now she looks so sad as if she can read my mind:lol:
    13. Do you know why the contrast is there? It's because most owners are not professional photographers who have good studios to take photos in. Nor do they change their eyes from the acrylics DoD dolls come with (dod photographs them with urethane ones) or pose them the same way.
      Of course they're allowed to show the best sides of their dolls. Personally, I must say that I think DoD is one of the very rare companies who take great care to present their dolls well, and provide many different angles of the face sculpts. I can't say the same about for example Luts, whose photos are over-exposed most of the time and thus don't show the sculpt nor the bodies posing abilities at all.

      Having owned and handled many of their sculpts I do think they look like what DoD has presented them to look like. Having seen a DoD doll out of the box isn't the same as seeing a properly customized DoD doll (the same goes to many other companies).
      I just took photos of my friend's Delphine today, and I have to say that she's a lot prettier in person than in the DoD photos (mostly because I'm not a fan of DoD face ups). :3
    14. I understand your point about DoD's photos, and I like them too.
      I just don't like the way Kalix and Delphine's photos were shown, because you couldn't actually SEE their head sculpts well. I just wish they had taken their photos the same way they do their normal dolls.
    15. I do agree, it's a bit much to open a thread based on a personal opinion about a doll, but I can see where you're coming from.

      I'm happy for all the owners who have her and love her, because as long as they're happy, the world goes round :3

      But personally, I don't like the chubby cheeks. That's just me, really, but that's because I'm obsessed with cheekbones lol
      And she seems younger than her given body... looks more like a DOC to me than a DOT
      But again, my own opinion :)
    16. I loved Delphine in the official pics but was really disappointed when I saw the first owner pics. BUT, when my Delphine arrived I found her way more lovely in person and with the right eyes! The more I look at her, the more I like her. She is tricky to photograph though, IMHO. Her chubby cheeks do make her look somewhat young, but that works for me since my SD10's are supposed to be teens.

      Really, it is simply a matter of personal taste, just like vampire dolls or tender dolls or child dolls or any doll really. :sweat