Dream of Doll's "Dream of Idol" (DoI) line - Luke, A&D and CRUSH!

Nov 27, 2007

    1. I was just checking stuff about H.Ducan when I noticed a new name in the dolltype list! D.O.I D8!! Does anyone know anything about this? Cuz' I tried to look for any news about a new dolltype or something, but nothing came up. I was thinking if DOD did a SDELF kind of "older" D.O.T, but.... O_o..
    2. There's a thread about it here.
    3. I like the new heads actually...especially Luke and A&D

      Would like to see more of the bodies but it looks like they changed not only the torso look but the shape of the joints as well. Glad to see the double jointed arms too and the more masculine body overall but reserving judgement until I can see some nude body pics and poseing pics. Either way looks like I'll need to take one of these boys home
    4. I think they're gorgeous! And they are double jointed... DOD did a good job with sculpting those joints!
    5. Yeah, I agree with both of you, rillystar and asterisk!
      I really like their sculpts very much especially their features of faces!
      They look unique! :love
    6. :aeyepop: Wow, I...almost dont want my SDF Ethan anymore. Almost.
    7. Yes. I think the new DOI look great. I'd love to see how well they pose though and some nude body pics. But from what I can see so far, I think I like them and want to own one. xD; I love their clothes/style too. :} Their face sculpt kinda reminds me of the DOT head molds. But I love the look nonetheless. Hmm I wonder how tall/big they are?
    8. I like Luke, lots. ><; (even though he looks a lot like ducan, I like him 10xs better...) Definitely going on my want list. I like the new body too. I wonder if they are taller than DOT too. x3;
    9. They certainly LOOK taller and lankier than DOTs! OOOO:

      I love Crush ver. No.1. ;3;
    10. They look nice. I wonder if the resin will match the DOTs? I'd be interesting to see some ripped Camines and Ducans.

      The only thing I'm not a fan of so far is the extra rib showing above the pecs. Little odd.
    11. Ohhh dude, what bodies.
      I wonder how much taller? I'd actually prefer if they weren't quite 70cm...

      .... Come to think of it, I'm digging the outfits too.
    12. Um, you mean the collarbone? o_o;;;

      Also, as far as I know, DOD doesn't change their resin for different sizes. (Or at all, really, other than the inconsistency.)
    13. I love them too ! im not much of a DOD fan, but HOLY MOLY ! these guys are amazing ! i love the face sculpts, they look like older, mature versions of the D.o.c's and D.o.t's.

      I like how i use to pronounce d.o.c as DOC and d.o.t as DOT and now i can say DOI :XD:
    14. Very nice looking dolls there! They remind me of the characters from The Wallflower manga except the group is missing a redhead. Very cool!
    15. Wow! What amazing body sculpts... :drool I really want to know how tall they are!

      I hope they're around 70cm~!
    16. The three boys are gorgeous. Just when I thought I am safe :sweat :sweat

      I guess the Pink-Resin Army that stations at my house will add another recruit soon :lol: :lol: :lol:
    17. omg, look at those boyhips omg. I'm doomed.
    18. Oh wow, quite possibly the first doll body that has made me want to drool all over it *.* soooo pretty....

      I usually stick to MSD sizes, but man, these guys are beautiful! I love Luke's second look. If I wasn't so horrendously broke, I'd totally be keening to get him ;.; must wait until I have a real job, then start saving..............
    19. I bunch of hot guys! Together! :o I'm not sure what I feel yet, I'm too busy oogling... (aka-drooling)