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Dream Realm 1/3 boys - Adrian, Albert, Turner & Yannic

Oct 11, 2010

    1. I have ordered... let me think.... 3 or 4 month ago Oo.
      And I have to say: Everything went PERFECT!
      The communication went very well, my Antonio was shipped very fast and he arrived with no problems.
      He looks absolutely great and I will show them, when his Face up is finished (he is now at the best face up artist, that I can find xD)

      I really love the new boys *___________* Especially Yannic is a cute one.
      Unfortunately- I have no character, that would fit to a DR mold >.> (and its very easy for me to get bond with dolls without character....)
    2. I'm curious to see more of the new additions. Turner looks stunning; I'm really liking what I can see of his face. Yannic looks like he would be the perfect twin brother to my Supia girl, too. I did not need to see more cool things to spend money on today, no, because there isn't money to be spending.
    3. I love turner, he's so "young Lestat" looking. All the new boys are beautiful but I've been a fan of Li Wei's work for some time now. I would love to see the Antonio pictures uldred please post a link when you're ready.
    4. These dolls are very interesting and I love the way they look, I would love to order one of these guys, but I have to let some go first!
    5. I'm really interested in these boys!! Albert is gorgeous and I think their facial features would compliment my Dollstown girls nicely... which is what I'm looking for atm. Any idea when they will be available for order?
    6. I agree they would look great with dollstown. photos of the other two boys have gone up. Turner is so handsome
    7. I agree, Turner is gorgeous, but I love Albert!! He could be my Jean-Pierre I think :D The body looks very skinny though!
    8. I'm thinking on splashing out on a Albert head soon. He's just really been tugging on my heart strings. I'm not too fond of the body, i'd want to try on something a bit shorter and cuter, maybe something like an Aria doll boy body. I sent dream realm an email to see if I can purchase his head speratley.

      I'd love to see owner photos, but there aren't any so I think I will take the chance and be the first one to get him and start the ball rolling.
    9. Let me know if they sell just the heads... :) I would be tempted to get one just to see how he fits in with my lot. I still love Albert even though I ended up getting an AiL Bertram for the character I had in mind, and just ordered a Leeke Mihael... I'm sure I will need another boy at some stage lol
    10. did you know if they sell only the head? I'm curious about it , too!
      Cause I have a PG in mind since I saw Antonio and I want him so badly.. But I think I would need another body less skinny..
    11. Yes, I got a reply, they can sell the head only for $90, just send them an email.

      I think he would look great with Leeke miheal and AIl bertram almaxaquotal, I think these 4 new boys fit very well with that style, especially Albert, infact, he reminds me a bit of the artist dolls made by this lady http://doll.mda.or.jp/~naruto/
    12. I agree he would fit in nicely with the boys I have... and my Dollstown girls...! Thanks for the info on buying the head separately, the price is great too. I'm not buying any more til all my works in progress are finished though hehe

      Those art dolls are beautiful - they remind me a little of some DiM sculpts and Glorydoll too...
    13. OHH!! good news to know they sell heads separately.. now we just have to look for a perfect body XD
      and WOW 90 $ only for a head??
      I think I'll order my Azrael head asap XD
      even if I agree with ALMAXAQUOTAL .. i also should finish my previous project before buying others XD
      The force is with me... XD XD
      well.. i really don't think so XD
    14. Has anyone received one of these boys yet? I'm thinking of ordering an Albert head in WS, as I'm getting a different body for my Mihael, so I could give his current body to Albert :XD: I'd love to see owner pics.
    15. i'm wondering if someone hear back from company in past month as i've make some enquire for costume and never got a reply since 27 of Jan, i guess it could be due to holididay break...
    16. Has anyone ordered Turner? He's a dream!
    17. I am new to this thread and just ordered Yannic. This will be my first dream realm doll. I am going to go back through this thread and read all I can about the company and admire any posted photos. I started a waiting thread for Dream Realm...could not find one.. so hope others join my waiting thread. Dreadful to wait alone. Now..off to reading. Jo
    18. Must admit, I did not realize it was such a short thread. I have found a few of the dolls on two other sites but they are the 70cm size and I do think their bodies are wonderful. I am not that fond of the 64cm body and we will see if the head remains on that body. I have two extra male bodies right now..Iplehouse and Soom. I think my Soom would be too yellow but maybe the Iple would work. Will post some photos when he arrives..In October, I think.
    19. Yannic arrived about 3 weeks ago and I forgot to post a photo..will post now. I love him. His face is ethereal. He poses well so I could not be more delighted with him. i shall watch Dream Realm for yet another boy.