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Dream Realm - Black Crow

Feb 14, 2009

    1. Hmm, I haven't seen this boy in the news yet, but Dream Realm moved websites since I last visited them so I don't know how long has he actually been out...

      Black Crow


      Dream Realm: http://vague8.com/zen/ (thanks to Algesiras for finding it^^). You can click the little flags up there to change language, and you can also choose the currency you want to see their prices in from a dropdown^^

      EDIT: Well apparently they haven't moved, their main site was just down for a while, and is working again (yesterday it wasn't). As minuet said, the link above is the International Online Shop for the company^^.
    2. It says on the site he was added Wednesday November 26, 2008.
    3. Crow came out last November. He's been on the site quite a while. Dream Realm's original site was working this morning. The address you posted is for international orders. The link for it is on the main page of the site. Ream Realm and Spirit Doll were both down simultaneously for weeks, but both re-appeared a day or 2 ago. There was likely a server problem.

      Dream Realm

      Deam Realm english site
    4. Is black crow still for sale? I cant seem to add him to a cart with a price.