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Dream Realm copying Dollzone?

Dec 17, 2008

    1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it appears that DRBJD has copied the Dollzone body. I have made some comparison shots of friends Dollzone (68cm) against the DRBJD. Only the body doesn't seem to be copied however they might have used the new Dollzone (70/72cm) body.

      I've collected evidence that the DRBJD has copied part or in whole the Dollzone body. A friend of mine who is not on the this board has allowed me to photographs the dolls together for comparison. (Dollzone left, DRBJD right)


      Comparisons of the feet, they are the same size and same overall shape, they did a little bit to the pinky to "make it different" however it's very much similar.

      knee pictures

      The left hands, same size and same general shape, once again however they bent the fingers and little this way and that way to "make it different enough"

      Left arm comparisons, both have the "cup" in the shoulder socket, musculature has been sanded down a bit on the DRBJD however the overall shape is the same

      Right hands

      Right arms

      The bodies were not compared as they ARE different however since the Dollzone is the old model, they might be using the new model for the body once again.
    2. I too noticed the similarity with Dollzone, but you never know if DZ let go one of their sculpters and he/she went to work for other company? *throws ideas into the air* I hope the moderators etc will discuss this.

      Anyway, I'm not a fan of Dream Realm's body, he looks like he's got manboobs. But the heads.. I adore them.
    3. I'm unconvinced from these photos.
    4. So what you are saying is, you think the body was copied HOWEVER when comparing the two, they're different, but... You still think they're copied? Based on... they probably copied the new body? First of all the new DZ bodies have DOUBLE JOINTS. The DR body doesn't! It's a very simple body, and pretty awkward and ugly, but definitely not copied. I said this before:

      Your basis for saying it's a copy is a body that looks largely similar but with enough differences (like a middle-jointed torso instead of a solid piece) that you don't think they look similar, but is still a copy? I'm offended that this is the SECOND time this has had to be shot down--they're pretty clearly not copies. Copying is a venture in laziness and the number of modifications that would have to be done to make this differences pretty much negates the point. As I have had to say TWICE now. Just because they are a new, Chinese company with dolls in the 70cm range does NOT MEAN they are copying Dollzone!
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    5. I don't think these photos provide nearly enough evidence of any sort that Dream Realm is guilty copying.

      The Moderator team will be looking into this but until there is any evidence this thread will stay locked. If anyone has clear evidence of these dolls being copies, please PM a Mod. :hollyberry