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Dream Realm: New 70CM doll - Antonio

Sep 18, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Empty man
      Quiet, raging
      God of storms
      Never aging
      Keeps his feelings
      Hidden well
      Behind a mask
      Where none can tell

      Lord of storms
      Dressed all in white
      Lives the line
      `Twixt dark and light
      Held deep within
      Will he ever love again?

      New from Dream Realm, Antonio, the God of Storms. Antonio is from Dream Realm's 70cm line of dolls. He can be ordered blank, with faceup, with outfit and faceup (full set), or blank with outfit.

      Official Dream Realm Product Page: http://drbjd.com/productinfo_eng.asp?ID=387


      Blank Doll: $450 US
      Doll with Faceup: PENDING
      Full Set Doll: $634 US
      Blank Doll with Outfit: PENDING

      Full Set comes with:

      All PENDING prices are on request from the creator and will be added as soon as they are known. PM or post questions. Sorry for anyone not previously being replied to. Things are in order now and all should get a timely reply. :)

      More pictures of Antonio:



      His cane:


      DISCUSSION THREAD: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5323649#post5323649
    2. Do you have a picture of his head blank?
    3. Will there be any chance of getting the outfit separate?
    4. My apologies for the web links not working. Go to www.drbjd.com to find Antonio and other dream Realm dolls. :)

      As well, I will ask about getting the outfit without the doll, and getting a picture of a blank Antonio head.

      Thanks for the interest!
    5. he is incredibly beautiful - does he have removeable ears?
    6. yes,he have removeable ears.
    7. If he has removable ears, then what other ears can we use for his head?
    8. Oh so sexy!!!! Will you be offering him in tanned skin?
    9. What size eyes does he take and will alternate ears be available for sale just as ear sets?
    10. I have to continue to answer questions.
      No. 1 on the ears.
      Now, DR heads each will have four pairs of interchangeable ear. Including the pre-Xiao chi, Wu hen, Rad.Coreco, black crow. And our new out of Antonio and MR'K.
      No. 2 I hope that we can discuss in this post about Antonio's inside all of our clothing stylists, makeup artists, Doll Master, are keen to hear everyone here, Antonio feedback.
      No. 3 With regard to skin
      We provide # white skin. # Redskin # brown skin, # yellow skin
      yellow and brown skin will be in October after this one. I will shoot pictures of different colors contrast to everyone to see.
      No.4 About Eyes
      DR All the big dolls are the eyes with a diameter of 16MM.

      Thank you for the concern that there is any doubt, I will reply here to continue.

    11. I'm sorry to keep pestering you, Chinese boy! I just ordered an Antonio. Does this mean he will come with all four pairs of ears? I wasn't given an ear choice when I ordered. Please, I think this is a legitimate question about the product that people should know and should be addressed in this New Doll thread, not just discussion about him.
    12. Elvin-They said that there is 4 ear parts that it will come with.

      Would it be possible to see pictures of the ears? I saw on of the dolls with elf ears but am curios what the others look like.
    13. Yes, each doll will have four pairs of ears. ^_^
    14. When will there be pictures of the yellow skintone? Will it match any other companies skintones?