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Dream Realm: New 70CM doll - Mr. K

Oct 7, 2009

    1. [size=+2]Mr. K[/size]


      "I swear. If I get another infidelity case, I'm gonna shoot myself. Being a private investigator is so much more than stuff like that. Ah, but who really cares? Just, "Here's the quarry! Go get `em!" I gotta get outta this business. But then, who am I foolin'? I'm a sucker for sob stories. *thoughtful look* Bah. I need a drink."

      The latest edition to the Dream Realm 70cm family is "Mr. K". Mr. K plays it close to the vest, keeps his feelings in check, but something about his eyes lets you know he has a true heart deep inside underneath all the cynicism.

      Mr. K fullset comes with suit (jacket, pants, shirt) and shoes. Glasses, gun, and holster not included/not for sale.

      Fullset Price (No faceup): US$570
      Fullset (With faceup): US$605

      Official Website Link: [LINK]




      For questions or inquiries, feel free to ask here or PM me.

      Discussion Thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5402476#post5402476