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Dream Realm Update Discussion Thread

Oct 7, 2009

    1. Does anyone know what matches the white skin? I love the heads, but 70cm's is just too big for me so I'd need to hybridise!
    2. Will we be able to buy the body separately in the future? I'm absolutely in love with these guys, but I don't know if I'll be able to afford a body right now.
    3. I am in love; I want one of each! I am beyond thrilled to know that these guys are not LE's.
    4. mokarran: I'm sure at some point you could buy the body seperately. I'll have to find out if he's able to do that randomly or if he has to gear up for that.
    5. The new boys look lovely. I really like Sui Tian's sculpt!
    6. I'm in love literally with Antonio head,is this head avaible for sale separately from the body?
      Thank You.
    7. Exactly. Any full doll you see is available for purchase as just a head. :)
    8. WOW awesome, and what about the dresses?Are them sold separately?
    9. Oh these tans are awesome. I love my Black Crow aka Ayame and to get him a lover in tan would be great! He has been so lonely even with his little brother joining group, but to have a love interest would be awesome!
    10. I'm going mad for ears....
    11. I just love the new head in the tan example picture, he is gorgeous! I hope to see more of him soon. :)
    12. I'm so curious about the new bodies!! And the tan is absolutely delicious looking...very caramel-y
    13. TAN RESIN. Oh God. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly want one of these guys any more than I already do... Nnngghhh<3
    14. I know what you mean! He is absolutely amazing :aheartbea My mind was made up the second I saw him - saving up for him. I just hope he is not limited :|
    15. If what they say about the resin is true- I'll have to get one just to be able to mod Tan skin! lol xD
    16. I just can't wait for the tan to be released. At long last, Rad Coreco in tan! And with interchangeable ears?! GEH! I don't know if I have the patience for this!
    17. Any more information about the guys in tan resin? I'm crazy for these guys, but want one in tan.
    18. The Dream Realm website says you can purchase the dolls in "brown skin" resin, for an extra $50 (just go to the page of the doll you'd like, and there's extra info at the bottom, under the pictures). For the tan resin you'll have to email them, since they don't have a direct Paypal button for it.
    19. Ooo, thanks!