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Update Dream Realm Update!

Oct 7, 2009

    1. [size=+2]DREAM REALM UPDATE[/size]​

      Hello all! With the release of Dream Realm's recent doll, Antonio, some updates have been made to the Dream Realm 70cm design. Production has stopped for version 1 bodies and the molds no longer exist. Version 2 bodies are now provided with every full doll purchase.





      The version 2 body comes with more muscular and anatomical definition and Dream Realm's new magentic quick-change hand system, allowing easy and quick removal or change of Dream Realm hands. Whether you have a shirt with tight sleeves or you want to try a different hand mold, now you can do it quickly and easily.

      As well, all previous doll head/face molds/sculpts have been updated with a matching magnetic quick-change ear system. As a gift to all previous owners for their loyalty, and as a welcome gift for new owners, these new version 2 heads come with 1 pair each of the 4 new ear designs! No extra cost is added per pair. They are all included in the basic price. There are human ears, elf ears, merman/seashell ears, and winged ears. They all change just as easily as the hands do, allowing for tight shirt neck openings or change of ear style. All face scuplts are exactly the same as the original solid head design. The only difference is the interchangeable ears. The version 1 head molds no longer exist so only version 2 heads are available.


      Previously, it was said Black Crow and Rad.Coreco fullset outfits weren't for sale. This has now changed and in about a month, Black Crow, Rad.Coreco, Antonio, and Mr.K's outfits will be available to purchase as fullsets or individually.

      Coming in the future! Tan skinned Dream Realm boys! In the future, you will be able to order all the Dream Realm 70cm boys in tanned skin. The tanning process is not like other doll companies, where the tan colour is only a coating or outer layer. Dream Realm tan colour goes all the way through the doll! Sanding or modding the doll will still show a difference of skin colour, but it won't be as dramatic as with a doll with pink body and tan coating. As well, resin has shown the remarkable quality of settling into its surrounding skin colour when there has been sanding, modding, or scraping of any kind. With time, any sanding or modding should fade darker to match up with the surrounding tan skin. Because the colour goes right through, there's no worries of odd spots, mismatches, or splotches. As well, Dream Realm works very hard to ensure even colouring to avoid "marbling" of the skin tone. With the resin all being coloured one uniform tan colour first, and then a doll is molded from the solid tan resin, this ensures more even colouring through the process, giving you a more even and natural looking doll. The best part about this is these are not limited editions. Do you have your eye on a tan Black Crow but can't afford him right now? No worries! Save up and know that your tan Black Crow will still be waiting for you when you're ready. :) This is not a "sunlight tan" or "light tan" nor is it a chocolate tan. This is a rich, caramel tan. Price is yet to be determined.


      Along with the new tanned skin, there is another new skin tone; yellow. The yellow skin tone is the same price as pink (normal) and white. The picture below shows a pink head on the left, a white head on the right, held by a yellow body in the middle.


      And the answer every Dream Realm fan has been waiting for! Dream Realm is now offering just heads for sale! Do you think you'd like to see a Dream Realm head on a different company body? Do you already own two Dream Realm bodies and don't want to have to buy another? Now you can purchase just a head from Dream Realm. You can ask for the company faceup for a single head just like you can for a full doll (head+body) order.

      Price list for the new updates:

      Version 2 Head (no faceup): US$90
      Version 2 Head (with faceup): US$125
      Faceup: US$35
      Version 2 Head + Version 2 Body (blank/no fullset): US$450
      Version 2 Head + Version 2 Body (with faceup/no fullset): US$485
      Fullsets: Priced Individually Per Doll Set

      Dream Realm official website: http://www.drbjd.com

      Dream Realm Update discussion thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=328865
    2. What head is on the tan doll picture? It's gorgeous!
    3. Is that a version 2 body holding the 2 heads in the last picture? It doesn't look like it has a torso joint in the first pics, but that would be so awesome if it does!
    4. The four pairs of ears are included in the price of one head for a limited time? Or they will be included forever?

      if it is a limited promotion I would like to know the dates of order. Thank you.
    5. Version 2 doesn't currently have a torso joint so this may be a prototype of a version 3 body. I'm not sure yet. The tanned head is an as yet unreleased doll, so consider him a spoiler both for tan colour and new doll! =D The four-ears-in-one-purchase is forever! Don't rush if you can't really. It's ok. :)
    6. So any head, even the antonio head, is avaible for sale separately from the body?
      Thank You.
    7. Exactly. Any full doll you see is available for purchase as just a head. :)
    8. Do you plan to sell bodies separately too?
    9. Where can we buy these new things? I can't see them in any website.
    10. I updated the first post with the URL: http://www.drbjd.com

      There you go! You can also order through me, if you feel comfortable. :)
    11. If head only will be purchased custom face-up will going to be aviable?
    12. Yes. You can purchase a company faceup on only a head, just like you can if you were ordering the full package of head + body.
    13. Bishounen_Hideto Hello! Tell us please, which material this firm Dream realm used for making of dolls? It is a frenchrezin or poliuretan?
    14. I'll have to ask and find out. It never occured to me to ask. Thanks!
    15. thank you, what i mean is Doll of Realm artsit make a face-up on request?Or only the company face-up are avaible?:)
    16. Any idea when the tan skin will be available?
    17. Is it possible to buy antonio's wig if you buy him ? I don't like the clothes, so don't want to buy him fullset .
    18. You can order the doll and the wig without the clothes, if you like. :) As for the tan skin, there's no exact timeframe on when they will be ready. I'll be sure to post a News post when they are! =)
    19. Can I buy the body alone? how much it would be? thanks !
    20. I wrote a letter to Mr. Wei and he answered me. There is new information - Mr. Wei confirmed that Dream realm next month will release the new colors of dolls skin - tanned and yellow. He confirmed also that going to produce 60 cm dolls and with a torso joint.