Dream Realm

Oct 14, 2017

    1. Could a doll company I've been stalking for years be back to making more sculpts? Dream Realm just posted a couple new sculpts on a new Instagram account and I love the look of the eyebrows. (I've been eyeing Xuan and Zha.)

      Dream Realm Taobao

      Dream Realm on the Dollmix dealer site

      Dream Realm on the Legend Doll dealer site (empty as of now)

      Dream Realm on Doll Singing's (Jeeryama's) dealer site

      New Heads: Kuang, Ba, Xuan, Ku, Diao, Zha, and Tian

      Here are some photos from the box opening of my Arthur head (the non-cyborg version of Usher):





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    2. I've never heard of them but they look super interesting?? Francis' head is very cute with the fangs, ears, and sleepy eyes :aheartbea
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    3. @oninochi

      I think they're pretty cool as well. I encountered them a couple years ago, but their international site was (and still is) dead. However, I had exactly zero problems buying my head through Dollmix (the head was ready in a little less than 2 months), so perhaps they've just chosen to sell through Taobao and dealers.
    4. Those new heads do look really nice. Sadly Wei Lei seems to have given up posting detailed photos of the other heads - Kuang and Ba happen to be my least favourite, so i've been eagerly awaiting photos of the ones I like (Tian, Zha, Ku). I've been thinking of maybe just taking the plunge and buy one rom Taobao since the price seems really nice at the moment, but I don't know, i'd kind of like at least more zoomed out shots.
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    5. @Sillypeach
      I wish she'd post more of the ones I'm interested in as well (I had my labeling backwards, I've realized, and I actually like Xuan and Zha). I really want to see how large Xuan's eyes are proportionally, but I can't really tell from the picture (they might be a bit big for me). However, I will say that Kuang and his cheekbones are really growing on me, thanks to the detail photos!
    6. @Sillypeach

      Just when we start talking about Wei Lei not updating Instagram with photos, another is posted! Here's Xuan--and darn it! I'm really falling for those brows, but the eyes may be a bit big! I need to decide if that's a mod I want to take on.
    7. I saw him! Yes, and he is lovely, much more my taste (like you said, Kuang is really beautifully sculpted, just not for me, I need something softer and younger - just my style). I like those big front teeth, his got alot of personality there while still being handsome.
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    8. I would love to see owner pictures of Alana :aheartbea

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    9. Pictures of the rest are up! Zha has a really lovely, gentle innocent puppy dog expression. I think he's my favourite of the seven but only by a little. I don'y like Tian as much as I thought although he is still very handsome and I prefer the slightly larger eyes. Kind of temprted to get a Zha, Ku and Xuan, although spice is at a premium these days.
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    10. @Arekushia

      I haven't seen many Dream Realm dolls online honestly. Where did you get the full photo of Alana (I see the body, I think, on Taobao).


      Yes! I updated the first post on this thread to reflect that and I'm very excited after looking at the sculpts I'd been eyeing Xuan and Zha). They may end up on my next Taobao order, once I can decide on a resin color.
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    11. @Arekushia

      No worries! I just hadn’t seen this photo on dealer sites or Taobao. If she’s on the body I think, it’s lovely—engraving on the chest piece.
    12. Damn I really wanted Zaza/Zha just never had the cash and they suddenly removed him from sale without warning he was limited. Hate when doll companies do that.
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    13. @Sillypeach
      I don't know that this will be permanent--they did it (removed the heads from sale) about a month ago as well, but they came back. (I know because I hold things in my cart on the website of a Taobao agent and I had to find the new link.)

      Perhaps this has to do with the new body they're releasing--it's now up on their Taobao.
    14. Yes, maybe they'd rather people buy the whole doll rather then just a head, which I wouldn't mind. But they still haven't listed the new body + new heads so who knows. I've asked dollmix to inquire but they said it may take a while to get a reply.
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    15. @Sillypeach

      If you don’t mind, I’d love to know when they’re next offered too when you hear back
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    16. @Sillypeach

      I saw that artist! They’re fantastic!
    17. Does anyone know if Dream Realm is still active? :pout: I'm a little doubtful, since their website is only semi-functional and their taobao seems potentially closed. I'm in love with their Olita sculpt (the nose!!! aa) but I'm considering my chances of actually getting her... slim.