Dream Valley 1/3 Doll Discussion

Nov 27, 2018

    1. Dream Valley have created their first two 70cm males. Elias, and Athos. And here's pictures of the new body, B70-01 $480-幽谷动漫人形社.

      I love the heads and I love the body. I just don't know if I love those heads with that body. But I must admit that for a moment they both took my breath away.
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    2. I am IMMEDIATELY hoarding ALL my spare money for this. 8|
      He fits my Jester OC to a freaking T, and it's the very company I was looking at buying the 1/4th body on, OH MY GOD this is literally the best timing ever! I've never wanted a limited so bad in my life. D8
    3. @Pigxels Which boy are you thinking of getting? And I don't believe either boy is limited, just the little dragon dolls.
    4. Uuuughh whyyy did they have to release SDs?? Now that is right down my alley and it'll be almost impossible to resist! That body looks so damn fine :sigh (pun somewhat intended)
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    5. I'm leaning towards getting Athos, I just love his pout. I also might just get a 1/3 body, but that sculpt is alluring.
    6. Dream Valley does it AGAIN

      Unfortunately 71 cm is just too big for me but god is this body beautiful. And I bet it poses just as well as the 1/4 male body, looks very similar! I feel like it'll be great for hybrids...
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    7. man dream valley coming at me for my favorite character bodytype of "oh no you're so long are you okay"

      i have absolutely no reason to justify getting one of these boys right now but man am i slapping this bad boy on the wishlist! ya done did it again, dream valley. I'd be very curious to see how well they hybrid too; i've got one too many floating heads in the crew that certainly wouldn't mind being justification for me lmao
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    8. DV is quickly becoming my favorite company. This Athos sculpt is yanking at my heart. I don't even like SD's but damn man these sculpts are just too beautiful.
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    9. @Cloudedmind - I.... I read that wrong. D8 I thought the boys were limited, too as a special release for their new SDs!!

      Athos. :D He's the one I'm after, yeaaaaaah!
    10. I emailed Denver Doll Emporium and they have them listed at their site now! ( They offer layaway) I have my eye on just the body alone.
    11. Oh man, Elias is super beautiful! I ordered the fullset right away :kitty2 (I'm extra excited cause he's going to be my first SD!!:D)

      It's not too early to start researching/comparing what size clothing these guys might fit, is it? ...maybe SD13?
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    12. EEEE I ORDERED ATHOS!! I'm stoked for the cute lil draggo I'm gonna get with him, too, especially since he's going to shell an OC of mine who has a pseudo-dragon in D&D in the campaign I'm playing. XD Convenient!

      Merry Christmas to me, and thank you credit card for coming in the mail just in time! What a fun way to build credit. XD
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    13. Pigxels, congrats!! I ordered him too :hug:
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    14. Eee awesome!! We can hang out and watch for them together. >v< How long ago did you do so?
    15. Pigxels, yeah)) I ordered him at Friday.
    16. LOVE the wings, and the new female body is sculpted just as nicely as the other bodies.
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    17. They're so pretty. And look at how detailed and sweet their tiny toes are. :D

      Mr. Jing has been very busy!
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    18. Thise wings are really cool! Lots of potential for customization too :D also those heel feet are to die for~

      I love the detailing on these dolls so much!!
      Yeah, It feels like the SD boys were just announced and now we have girls as well :kitty2
      I worry though that DV might fall behind, since people are just now kind of getting shipping notices for their October event orders, no word yet on the Christmas ones, and their spring event is already getting started? I hooe they don't get too overwhelmed... :sweat
    19. @BaroquePopPrincess I wouldn't worry just yet about them getting behind. A 3 to 4 month wait is pretty typical for most companies. So people only just now hearing abut their October orders is about right. December orders, probably not anything until March/April.
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