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Dream Valley BJD Tiny Dolls

Feb 7, 2018

    1. oh wow I love the sweet chirp body, it's so cute.
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    2. Oh, I've seen photos of Foxy and Loxy before but was never sure who produced them. I've never heard of Dream Valley before. Are they associated with Doll Chateau? Their photography and web designs is quite similar.
    3. I've had my eye on those cute little foxes!! I'd love to be able to order them on their own, so sad it's event only. Those dolls w the third arm are pretty rad tho.
    4. Agreed! I seriously wish the foxes weren't a limited event thing. But I also love the 1/6 body and 1/12 dolls.
    5. I bought Purple. I can't wait to see this cutie :3
      #6 SugarFirefly, Feb 7, 2018
      Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
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    6. Purple has such a neat unique face! I'm excited for you and can't wait to see em!
    7. I’ve seen the foxes for sale at Clover Singing which is Jeereyama’s own webstore. I’d love to get one, but am unable to at this time.
    8. I heard somewhere that the designer used to work for DC/DZ, but I don't remember where. But I think I'm in love.
    9. I love the fox boy, he would be such a cute match with my Sumire. But I'm glad the blank doll isn't limited, because that's a far-future thing, if ever.

      I've also seen them listed on Legend Doll and on Angelesque, by the way.
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    10. Thanks for the dealer info! That certainly helps. *nods*

      Though Legend Doll's event for Foxy/Loxy requires a minimum of $698 that's nearly $200 more than the actual event. o.O And Angelesque doesn't have the little foxes listed. Edit: Now they do! I contacted them and they are participating in the event. I think I'll be going with them for ordering!

      I'm seriously considering using part of my tax refund on getting some blank tinies and foxy! For those of you that have ordered, where did you order?
      #11 Azael, Feb 8, 2018
      Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
    11. I stumbled on this company through some photos elsewhere and I'm super happy to see that they've been ruled on topic for DoA! I wish there was a way for me to get any of the current fox based dolls they're offering - I'll have to stalk second hand sales later on! I'm going to have to subscribe to this thread to see what people buy because everything looks pretty interesting.

      I hope whoever is getting the chance to order shares lots of pictures on the boards someday!

      I'm editing this post like a week later to come back and go I was completely wrong! After talking with my money sound board (my mother is too patient), I've got Purple and the event doll coming (and an extra and we'll see where that goes). I'm super excited! I haven't had a new doll since 2013!
      #12 HeavensChaos, Feb 21, 2018
      Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
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    12. I'm excited about this company too! I've been looking for an infant doll that would be big enough to fit with SD parents, and I think these 1/12 dolls are what I've been wanting. Those yo-size bodies are really detailed and beautiful, too. I'm so tired of tinies with paddle hands. I can't wait to see owner pictures.
    13. I was soooo tempted by Ding and Grug but alas I went with a blank Purple (and blank fairy Clorise) - so I also have a lil fox coming!

      One day I'll add some babies and the 1/6 bodies to my collection! But I'm full up on dollies for now. :whee:
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    14. Sweet, more blank Purples coming in! :thumbup Did you order the opened eyed fox or the closed eyed one? I got Loxy the opened eyed one so I'm definitely curious to see if the other one will show up!
    15. @HeavensChaos Same - the open eyed one, Loxy! But if by some mistake Foxy arrives instead I won't be too disappointed. :whee:
    16. I ordered a tan blank Ding from Angelesque. Such an adorable infant doll that I couldn't resist. I'm thinking about possibly a fairy baby with little wings or modding pointed ears.
    17. Oooh, that's a cool idea. I love fairies!
    18. I know what you mean XD

      @WaterGleam That's a really cool idea!
    19. I ordered Purple fullset from angelesque yesterday! I'm all over the place. I really wanted to support this company, I love them!