Dream Valley Mini Discussion Thread

Feb 7, 2018

    1. Out of curiousity: is this a Dz's sister company? Their styles are kinda similar, imo.

      I Think I'm going to buy Purple and one of their little foxes... so cute!
    2. I want Silence, she is adorable but I will get her without the third arm.
      Angelesque is their agent in the UK and she said on her instagram that they are not affiliated with DZ.
    3. Angelesque said that the owner of dream valley had worked for DZ and DC in the past. I've ordered Hyaline and Purple with free Loxy. Purple is a birthday present for my sister and I might steal Hyaline's body for another head...We'll have to see when she gets here :3
    4. Is there an official US dealer yet? I really like the company so far!
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    5. I have just ordered a basic Silence and now the wait starts.
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    6. Congrats! I am looking forward to seeing her!
    7. Thank you, I can't wait until she arrives but am so impatient, it is going to be hard.
    8. Wow, I quite like their style! Gorgeous dolls - I can't wait to watch the company grow.
    9. I so want Purple, and the tiny foxes. Im so in love. And no money;__; why must they be limited why.

      Im very excited about this company.
    10. I would love the 'extra arm' body for a hybrid, but it seems like you can't order it separately...
      Can't wait to see the first owners photos!
    11. I have a blank Clorise with wings on the way! I'm so excited! It seems like her faerie body will pair nearly perfectly with my elf so they'll be the best of friends! :whee:
    12. You guys I went and did it! My boyfriend kindly let me spend over 300 dollars of our money on a piece of resin and now im waiting for a fullset purple!
    13. I'm really seriously considering getting a silence body from angelesque to hopefully hybrid with a Doll Legend Huo He head (If I ever find one for sale without the body lmao) The extra arm is so cute, and considering the quality of the sculpt she's extremely reasonably priced. :D I NEED

      Anyone here know the general wait times for this company?
    14. I was told 3-4 months from Angelesque. But we'll have to see since they are so new. :whee:
    15. The new 1/4 dolls are amazing!! And that chair is sooo cool too <3
      Need both, Thorn and Vine in my colletction!

      Still waiting on my Hyaline i ordered in February, i can´t wait to finally get her home and see Dream Valley dolls in person!
    16. I really want Thorn on a B4-03 body...and that damn Peanut and that beautiful chair.
    17. That chair is pretty damn cool. Love the new female body, really want it.
    18. Still waiting for Purple, but goodbye my money for Vine fullset XD
    19. Aaaa! Everything looks so good, I ADORE Thorn's cheeky expression! Actually both of them have adorable expressions, it would be hard to choose! I can't wait until I can see their head sculpts blank.

      The new boy body is NICE. The hip joints are awesome. I still think I'm getting the girl body first (because the arm is just too cool) but dayum