DreamHigh Studio Discussion Thread - Part 2

Oct 27, 2015

    1. I missed out on Aldou, so I've just ordered Nolan and those jointed hands from Fabric & Friends. I've ordered all of my House Elves from there, except Willie, who was bought 2nd hand. Phairby is Ben's long lost wife, while it was love at first sight when my Willie saw Nolan!
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    2. How did you order? He's not supposed to be on sale until tomorrow!
    3. Fabric and Friends has a preorder page. I know I ordered the jointed hands yesterday. I think the preorder for Nolan himself is over though, so you'll have to wait till tomorrow.
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    4. i just ordered the jointed hands for my aldou. i think he will like the flexibility
    5. I did too. I'm also getting a second pair for Willie. Although one of them might end up sharing with Phairby. There's no rule that says both jointed hands have to go on the same doll.
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    6. or that they have to use the jointed hands all the time. i like switching hands around between dolls whenever i have option hands
    7. Nolan is up! I just ordered him!
    8. Congrats!

      I ordered him too! along with clothes, shoes and those hands for my Willie. I've got so many projects going on to sew anyone any clothes at the moment. I'm in the middle of finishing a huge dollhouse for Willie and Nolan and all the other tinies I have.

      Willie and Nolan will be the residential "Wise Old Men".
    9. Yes yes yes my ( Ben) Nestor will have his brother coming. I like the smiling face of Nolan and am thinking about a name .........How do you named your Elves ? Maybe we can make a database with the dolls and owners so the Elves can meet each other and we know who belongs to who..........at least I with my dusty head never remember ........sorry
    10. I always keep my doll's company names, unless mine is the opposite sex, or if I really don't like the sculpt name. So my Willie, Nolan and Phairby will keep their names.
    11. My dolls usually keep their sculpt names also. It's easier to remember!
    12. Willie and friends going skinny dipping....
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    13. Aw, how very cute!
    14. great picture, but with that grey sky and water it looks too cold for skinny dipping to me, they are very brave
    15. It is a great picture .............ooh love it
    16. @El BJD - Thanks! I just had to show her cute little tushie

      @auntbear - Appearances can be deceiving, as it was actually VERY hot and humid. We went home early because we couldn't take it anymore.

      @MuJa - Thank you!
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    17. Here's Maddie in her new hat.

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    18. she looks great el, and she's in my favorite color too! i'm really hoping that nolan is a sign that donny will redo some of the other sculpts with a few changes. aldou and i really want a willie, she has the cutest face!
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    19. Thanks, auntbear!! I'm very thankful that a friend offered me Willie! Aldou is the only one of the House Elves that I don't have now, but my girl fell head over heels for Nolan. Ben will have his dear Phairby. :)
    20. i only have aldou so far. i wasn't fast enough to snag a willie and the others didn't appeal to me as strongly.. i was strongly tempted by nolan, but he sold out while i dithered. glad you were able to snag one. :)