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DreamHigh Studio Discussion Thread - Part 2

Oct 27, 2015

    1. My Alis (Wren) trying on incoming Phairby's dress

    2. That's adorable! I should knit a dress for Willie.
    3. Thank you, Nancy! It was actually easier than it looks, although I did modify the neckline to be slightly smaller. it's the first time I've tried one of Julie Williams' patterns.
    4. I hope Nolan will come soon ............am still thinking about a name for him but am pretty sure it will be Lathor.
      Nestor is making his Wagon ready to welcome his brother but I think I have to make a tent for him to sleep in because the wagon is not big enough and actually also too crowded to let Nolan sleep in hihi. Tomorrow I am going to try to make an ox to pull the wagon. Have a black horse but an ox seems so much more fun.
      What kind of characters or occupations do your DHS Elves have ?
      Nestor is a physician and Lathor will be a herbalist.
    5. that looks great. i have a bunch of her patterns but haven't tried them. did you change the yarn or needle size?
    6. Thanks, auntbear! I looked in the Ravelry projects and found one reference for a Lati Yellow and 2.25m needles, so I used those needles and that 2 strand punch yarn. It was a bottom up pattern, and although the neckline would probably have been ok, I decreased across the last row and did stocking stitch for 2 more rows before casting off.
    7. apparently i need to find some of that punch yarn, i've heard of several people using it and would like to see how it relates to the lace yarn i have in my stash. i bet i could rewrite the pattern as top down and make a sweater for aldou
    8. A friend sent me a few of the tiny punch yarn spools a few years ago. I finally just noticed that it's very similar to some of my lace weight, such as mohair.
    9. eek! those are great. i especially like the spider web cape
    10. Aw, thanks auntbear!!! Here's a better view.

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    11. that's cool with the little skulls i didn't notice them before
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    12. It's been awhile since I've posted here, I'm trying to do better with posting. Here's my three DHS dolls. I would really like to get a tiny rain jacket for my turtle, he looks so cute in the rain hat my hubby got for him.

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    13. it's been a while since i've seen any of donny's anthros. they are so cute!
    14. My Willie is heading north with Cinnamon and Santa, to help out up North.....
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    15. Willie and Cinnamon will be a great help to Santa!
    16. That's the plan.
    17. Two perfect Santa helpers!
    18. One of Willie's jobs at the North Pole workshop, is to transport the finished toys from Stuffing over to Packaging....
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    19. Beautiful picture and wow they are all wearing stunning clothes.