DreamHigh Studio Discussion Thread - Part 2

Oct 27, 2015

    1. love her transportation
    2. Ben and his wife, Crystal (Phairby Flowers), finally reunited!

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    3. Ben and Crystal we can feel your happiness.
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    4. Just finished a Fairy Godmother outfit for my Phairby....
      Now she just needs to get painted
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    5. Gorgeous Fairy outfit
    6. @MB Lilac Beautiful fairy outfit! It suits her perfectly! I skipped getting Fairby as I didn't think she would be for me, but everybody's pictures have now convinced me otherwise haha!

      I thought I'd share that I found that Maileg micro dresses fit the elves fairly well! They are not cheap, but not too expensive for BJD clothes either. I paid £15 for the set and I'm pleased with the quality. I got the cute 'Mint' princess dress for Willie. It comes with bloomers (that fit) and a crown (that will not fit). Very cute!

      [​IMG]IMG_1521 by Ella Tron, on Flickr
      [​IMG]IMG_1524 by Ella Tron, on Flickr

      You will need to take off Willie's hands, however, as her hands are too large to fit through the holes for the arms on the dress. I did this with bobby pins. If you hook them onto the elastic, they also help to get the tiny, tiny hooks back on. You can put the hooks back onto where the bobby pin is hooked in, and it makes the work much less fiddly!

      They're fun little clothes for the elves. I'd like to try some of the 'suitcase' dresses you can see on their website, such as the little nurse outfit. I think that would be cute :)

      [​IMG]IMG_1515 by Ella Tron, on Flickr
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    7. It looks like they are putting out an adorable potential grandson/daughter. But I must resist! Anyone else interested though?
    8. The newbie is cute but I was only interested in the older House Elves, my only DHS bjds.
    9. Yes! He/she is very cute. But I wonder how it would fit in with the others, since it's only 1 cm shorter than Willie and Nolan. So, too big to be related to them, but maybe it can be just another species of Fantasy character. I'm always open to those.
    10. I will probably get at least one. Love his little face. He is being released on the 15th, our wedding anniversary, so he can be a gift to myself.
    11. A great reason, namaro!!!
    12. I'm not going to get the younger one, like @El BJD , I'm only really interested in the older ones... though I did get Oli. It's very sweet, and I'm sure it will be amazing. However, for my own personal collection, I think I have enough house elves for myself :D I have Ben, Willie, Oli, and Nolan on the way!

      I'm interested in the little mushroom family though! They're so cute, and I imagine they'd take photos really well! They also remind me of the Dark Souls mushrooms...
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    13. A Valentine for Willie, from her very best friend....
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    14. MB Lilac: Aw, nice photo. Willie feeling the love and having a great day :)
    15. Winston is a real charmer, MB Lilac!!!

      My Ben & Crystal Morningstar (Phairby) reaffirmed their vows yesterday on Valentine's Day.

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    16. El BJD: Wow, very sweet.
    17. Oh I did order avery, he will be a cousin from willie and aldou, his size is fine to me, because he is a young man to me not a child, so he is allowed to be the same size as the old guys, he even would be allowed a little bigger, but that face, so cute....he reminded me about a childhood book(virgilius van tuil) about a fat adventures gnome/pixie , It would be a challenge to try to let him get into those adventures. willie and aldou are already thinking about finding him a place to sleep.
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    18. Congrats on ordering Avery, wilkies!! Your Aldou & Willie are sure stylin'. :)