DreamHigh Studio Discussion Thread - Part 2

Oct 27, 2015

    1. just because they are cute, and willie really is a woman, but she never did mind how she looked, but now she knows avery is coming she wanted to get dressed up a little:) and aldou has grown a little beard[​IMG]
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    2. Wonderful outfits! Did you create them yourself?
    3. Aldou looks amazing with his beard!
    4. Are her dress and his shirt sock creations? They are perfectly homespun-looking!
    5. @wilkies Beautiful pictures! Lovely fairy tale aesthetic :) I adore Aldou's beard! It suits him, gives him some nice character. I also love Willie with eyelashes, they help bring out her femininity. I really need to get my girl some, but I'm scared of messing it up :P
    6. the outfits are bits and pieces from other pieces that I dyed a long time ago. only aldou's suede outfit I made myself:) It so much fun how you can change a complete character with clothings etc. [​IMG] this is the way they looked last week
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    7. My Phairby finally has a faceup....
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    8. She is wonderful! I love her dress, wings and tiara!
    9. @MB Lilac Your Phairby is amazing! She looks like a magical fairy godmother, she's so pretty! All her tiny details are amazing, her little earings, the curls on her wig, the excellent beading work on her dress...! Great photo and fantastic doll <3
    10. @nancy_schroeder_ca - Thanks! I had that dress ready for a while already, and was so happy to finally be able to take photos of her wearing it.
      @ella_tron - Thanks! I agree, she's a very elegant Fairy Godmother. I'll have to come up with some little stories for her to star in
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    11. Your Phairby is amazing! Her dear kindly elegant face, the beading on her clothing, the lovely wings, and that tiara with the gems coordinating with the rest of the outfit, just - well, words fail me.
    12. Perfect faceup, perfect outfit, MB Lilac!!!
    13. @ElaineU - Thanks! My friend gave her a faceup to go with the elegant outfits she knew I made. She also made her some tiny little earrings.

      @El BJD - Thanks! I still have to try her purple 'Fairy Godmother' outfit on her as well.
    14. MB Lilac your Phairby is so elegant. Is that the wig that Dream High offered but styled differently?
    15. Your friend did a wonderful job on the faceup! She is the prettiest Phairby that I have seen!
    16. @namaro Thank you! No, I made her wig myself.
      @nancy_schroeder_ca - Thank you! Yes, my friend does a great job. She's painted dozens of my dolls for me.

      I took her outside again this morning to take some photos in the crocuses....
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    17. @MB Lilac your Phairby is so magical! I’ve not seen many about but you’ve done her such justice!
    18. @MB Lilac Oh my goodness! Your Phairby looks right out of a childrens fairytale book! Her dress is divine, I especially like the details on the underskirt.. She’s breathtaking!
    19. Thank you! Here she is again, in her Fairy Godmother outfit....

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