DreamHigh Studio Discussion Thread - Part 2

Oct 27, 2015

    1. Sigh...so lovely!
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    2. @MB Lilac I love your fairytale photos! So inspiring! She looks ready to greet Cinderella to get her ready for the ball :D
    3. I've already posted her a couple of other places, but I figured I should finally put her up on the thread. Here is Gobbie:

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    4. Great job dyeing and faceup. So totally unique.
    5. Aw, thank you!
    6. ah great green color !!! love it
    7. I love the green!! He makes a wonderful goblin.
    8. "Father, will you please teach me how to drive?"

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    9. One of life's moments!
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    10. Thank you everyone for the kind words!

      I just got the jointed hands! I did not realized they would be painted, they are super nice. Kind of bummed I have to wipe them, but hopefully my repaint will be at least half as nice!

    11. I was surprised mine were painted as well, since I ordered Nolan blank. Kind of a waste of the artist's time, since they'll have to be wiped so they can be painted to match my dolls.

      I was also surprised that they were so small. Yes, I know the dolls themselves are small, but I ordered extra so my Willie or Phairby could have a pair, but they are so much smaller than their original hands, so now I'm thinking I may not be able to use them.
    12. My Nolan arrived today! He came with the jointed hands on. They really don't look much smaller than the regular hands. And siightly smaller hands may be nice for the ladies like Phairby.
    13. I'm so happy that Donnie decided to put out the little dragon caterpillar butterflies by themselves. I ordered the little green one and the little purple one. They're so cute and will fit right in with my little anthros and monsters! Did anyone else order them?
    14. Having tea with friends....
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    15. @MB Lilac, Great picture! I think the hands look great on her!
    16. They still have their original hands, which are small enough for me. I don't think I'll be giving them the articulated hands after all. They would just be too small, esp for Willie, who needs her bigger hands.
    17. I just love these two! Two charming little ladies taking tea together :)
    18. Thank you! They are actually having tea with some of their bigger friends.....
      I figured they are all fancy Fantasy ladies, and should get to know each other better...
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