DreamHigh Studio Discussion Thread - Part 2

Oct 27, 2015

    1. Cheeky monkey, lol!
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    2. i'm surprized she didn't demand a change of clothes with every picture ;)
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    3. I meant to post these little ones a while ago but just got around to taking pictures. They're adorable! I didn't put the wings on because they weren't magnetized, they had these little fishing line straps... I really didn't like how they looked.
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    4. does anybody here have finch or fleur yet I know Joyce Johnson on fb has one, not sure if she is a member, but anybody else? I can't link a picture. I hope to show him or her soon
    5. I have Finch! But no pictures yet.
    6. ah great please share as soon as you have pictures, I will but I don't have a clue on when he/she will arrive .
      I wonder because of the wig size, same as puki or smaller ?
    7. The fairies have very small heads! Much smaller than a puki!
    8. ah great then he will be closer to the tiny elfdoll girls:)
    9. I'll try to get a picture with an Elfdoll!
    10. that would be wonderfull thanks
    11. Thinking of getting my Oli a wig... Can anyone recommend places for him? Most wigs I see for this size are long for girl dolls :/

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    12. he is sweet
      depends a little on wat sort of wig you are looking for, not sure about his head size but these wigs are made of mohair (so are allowed to get wet...just not sure about the size, you can ask her, she has many sizes.
      Author's BJD clothes, BJD wigs, BJD shoes, accessories by TashkasBears
      I think if you look on etsy with the right size there will be more
      I think he is cute bald, perhaps you can just put a very thin layer on his head? some tacky glue and then dip him in very short hairstuf(can be anything :) even moss:))

      I think this way donny made hair is cute and worth a try...
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    13. anybody have a finch or fleur? really want to see one. I saw some pictures on the fb group, It really looks like pukipuki size with longer legs aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh can't wait any longer...
    14. I have my shipping notice, so yeah my finch is on his way
    15. Here's a comparison to see who should be ready to meet him!
      Fairyland Pukipuki Sugar
      DreamHigh Studio Finch
      Elfdoll Min Del Re
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    16. AH thank you for this picture now I can focus better love the size very very much. perfect.
      I can see that some elfdoll clothings will fit but also puki size things...I think the feet are about midi blythe size (like my bb flocking wren) so I think I have enough things to try on. The head even looks smaller then elfdoll, so wigs are difficult, think I need to try to make it myself
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    17. Yes, the head is small. I am thinking he might make a good child for some of the mature 1/6 scale dolls. I need to take some more comparison pictures!
    18. Thanks much for the comparison picture. It did say in the FB page that Finch and Fleur fit the picco neemo clothing (of which there is a huge selection - just stay away from most of the D only clothes as these will fit oddly).
    19. my finch is here, have to make him a wig.[​IMG]
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