DreamHigh Studio Discussion Thread - Part 2

Oct 27, 2015

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      @El BJD , I envy your amazing knitting skills. My 4 need to depend on Etsy for new clothes. A friend made the teeny tiny shoes years ago when these first came out & I'm so happy I was able to get several pairs. One little guy is missing from this picture. He was napping!
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    2. Aw thank you!! You have quite an eclectic collection, Jonlyn! My bjds are mostly from Fairyland, with a few BIDs from Iplehouse and the 6 DHS House Elves, and baby Pocca now too. Oh and 2 Dollshe yosd's on order.
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    3. @El BJD ...if they’re tiny & have pointed ears I can’t resist!
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    4. Has anyone seen measurements for Pocca as yet?
    5. Pocca is INCREDIBLY tiny! I love my Nero and Feliene for their small size but good night! 4.5 cm?!?!

      Also does anyone have examples of posing Hiro?

      Today was the first time I actually took Feliene out and got decent photos and I've had her for months if not years :roll:

      [​IMG]Welcome by Ohmyhi, on Flickr
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    6. I apologize for the double post but I didn't realize that he sold 'jointed' hands?!?! How do they look now with your repaint??