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dreamhigh studio Rudolph

Dec 28, 2011

    1. I don't know if I can open a thread about Rudolph since I don't know if she's OT but if I couldn't please let me know or delete it :P
      this is DHS Rudolph "the red nose" ---> http://www.dreamhighstudio.com/rudolph---fullset.html
      it's limited to 15 pieces and fullset

      I'm waiting for her and I'm so excited cause she will be home in a couple of weeks :aheartbea

      anyone else ordered this cutie? (:
    2. Have you received her yet? I'd love to see photos. I just ordered her today. Wish I had her for Christmas, but there are only what? 354 days until next Christmas. She is a little darling.
    3. lol she'll come for sure before christmas :P
      mine is not arrived yet, but I'll post pictures as soon as she's here :)
      I think we'll be very happy with them!
    4. Just checking in...if anyone has received their Rudolph, I would love to see photos.
    5. No Rudolph yet? Just checking back in for photos.
    6. nope, I'm still waiting :( at the end of the week I'll ask Donny
    7. uhm, I don't need to ask anymore :P this morning I've received a mail with the tracking number so she and her brothers are coming!! I hope it won't take too long :)
    8. Congratulations! I would love to see pictures as I missed out on her!
    9. oh, I'm sorry you couldn't take her :( but I'll post pictures as soon as she's home ;)
    10. I just got my tracking # today, so she is on her way home. I am really excited to see her.
    11. it seems you'll be the first to post pictures then :) mine is stuck at the customs and here they're very strict!! they send many papers after a couple of days, then you have to compile and send back and sometimes they don't check mail or emails soon so we need to wait at least a week and then other 3/4 days to come... oh! and this week it's snowing a lot so who knows if postmen do deliveries! it's worse than waiting 2 months from the producer >.<
    12. I am dying to see owner pics!!!
    13. Mine came today! She is incredible. ...even better than the photos. I absolutely adore her. I will take some photos tomorrow and post them.
    14. Yay!!!! Can't wait to see the pics!!!!!
    15. Christin congrats!!!!
      mine came yesterday and here is the box opening
      I'll post some pictures of her dressed up later :P
    16. I'm late since here the 14th is already ended but Mushu (jester) and Rubina wanted to wish happy valentine's day to all :P
      happy valentine's day &lt;3 di marsh &#9825; cats, su Flickr
      they're not in love...just acting XD aren't they good?
    17. Aw, little Rudolph is cute! I love everything about him, especially his face and ears.
    18. ooh Christin, she's so sweet <3 did you give her a name?
      btw my rudolph's horns don't stay on when she wears the wig :/
    19. OMG. I really wish I hadn't missed out on this release.

      Really sweet!