Dreamhigh Studios PINCH "the crab"

Aug 17, 2016

    1. Oh! So happy that the crab I've sculpted is on DoA! Feel very proud to read such a nice comments!
      BTW, if someone is fond of WIP photos, here is the link to a post about how i've been making the prototype Шарнирный краб it's in Russian, but full of photos
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    2. This is one of the sweetest bjds I've ever seen...
      And crabs are my favorite animals!! But I don't really have enough money right now...argh...what to do? ;_;
      Beautiful work, @Clover_dolls!!
    3. Thank you so much!

      Thank you, dear Donny!
    4. What scale would this little crab go best with? Is it supposed to be a pet for 1/3, 1/4, or smaller? Are there any photos of it with a humanoid BJD for scale?
    5. He's so cute!!
    6. Just pre-ordered one! I can't wait! >3<
      Great job @Clover_dolls! :D Lots of <3!!!
    7. Thank you very much!
      If you like cute animals here is one of mine dragons!
      and more of them here Дракончики в полиуретане
      They are sold-out (8 OOAK artist's versions made by me and 35 produced and marketed by Donny here -it was our first collaboration project) just wanted to show you, 'coz i like cute pets too ^__^
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    8. Truth to be tolled I made him just for fun, so to speak - was not thinking about size:( I only have pics on my hand
      (He is not ready here - has no texture) I'm 176 cm and have a big hands, ahahah.
      It is a bit difficult to scale him - if he is standing and to look down at him (as shown on the photo), there is 8 cm across (from his knee to knee). And he is 6 cm high (including eyes)
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    9. I can't wait to get mine •TwT• they look more and more gorgeous with each post
    10. I think it suits any BJD sizes. As real crabs comes in different sizes :D

      I will try to post comparison pictures soon
    11. I just came back from Otakon so I'm already missing my Crabby. I'd love to have him! He's just adorable!
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    12. It still available for sale on the website until August 24th 2016
    13. That's a perfect scale picture though! He's a good size! I just wasn't sure if he was itty bitty.
    14. Great! Happy to know!
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    15. I'm so thrilled to find a thread for this little guy! I've put mine on order and I can't wait to get him in hand so I can start his face up/shell up. It was too cute to resist.
    16. I put an order in for him as well! I just couldn't resist those amazing faces. ^_^
    17. I'm getting pretty excited as the hopeful date of release is drawing closer. I've been pondering color schemes and painting styles for this little guy. Anyone else heavy into their painting contemplation?
    18. Has anyone received Pinch yet? Is there a delay in the casting process?
    19. Hi,

      All PINCH the crab are in packing process. They will soon migrating to their beloved homes
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    20. That's good to hear. ^_^ Thank you!