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DreamHighStudio Bunko the Little Green Alchemist Discussion part 1

Feb 25, 2010

    1. so I really want to start a new thread for this little one...not sure if I am allowed, but I am sure the mods will aprove him :)

      so who orderd one? and are we all firefly lovers:)

      I orderd one and dollzwize and princessstarburst...If you check how many are sold I am the 6th one so who are the other 3 that bought? are they on doa?

      .....Mod Notes....

      Company Website:

      DreamHighStudio Bunko the Little Green Alchemist Discussion part 1:
    2. I am so excited to have this little guy! I am really naughty because I am meant to be on a 'not buying dolls' season but it was those cute ears that won me over!
      Now I just have to sell some dolls to pay the rest of the layaway off! LOL
    3. ah yes I couldn't afford him either.....so perhaps selling dollies is a good idea, but I don't want too...and I have so many I don't play with........will think about it.......just stop buying clothings for myself....
      and for me the ears did it too....just like my bailey rose......perhaps bunko will here before bailey*_*
    4. I even bought Bunko a new home to live in! I saw it last week and knew that it would be perfect for my little woodland Green Alchemist! I plan on doing it up as a "fairy remedy shoppe" selling all kinds of herbs and ointments for ailing travelers through the woods! I already bought a cute little miniature sign saying "HERBS FOR SALE". I can't wait to start work on it!
    5. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh that's great It will be fun to work at !!!! And I will already tell the fairy's there is going to be a new shop to get herbs......you can load it with many bottles with herbs:)
    6. Thanks Wilkies for opening a Bunko thread :)
      i'll just stay and watch how this thread going.

      thanks for all the people whose being generous to buy Bunko.
      it means a lot to me, thank you very much

      i'll be around :D
    7. Thats two coming to Australia then. Inara made me order him on layaway. PrincessStarburst where did you find such a fab house?
      Please mods can you let us know if he has been approved or not. :)
    8. Hello all: I have been lurking on the Firefly thread, but not posted anything since I don't have one of my own:(.

      I have been watching for Bunko and I ordered him on layaway! I am so excited. However, I was looking for the paypal address to send the payment to and I went back into the cart somehow and ended up paying for another one! :doh

      So I guess you could say right now I have one and a half. :| I emailed Luxor so I hope they can get it straightened out. Stupid newbie.
    9. :) I am sure they will understand that you only want one:)

      I have put his picture on my flickr...I am sure donny don't mind:)
      (see my signature)
    10. @wilkies
      i don't mind :)
      the other way around i'm thankful

      Don't worry i think Princess tapi can fix that :)
      thanks a lot for ordering Bunko

      wow what a nice house. Bunko is very lucky

      i hope the mods approve Bunko...
    11. Welcome mtspal, isnt he wonderful!

      Oh wilkies, I love enchanticals creations. I have drooled over them before and never had anyone to make use of them. I had intended him to be a herb gatherer, natural healer. I dont think Inara would entertain hutches and bottles in the woods gah I hope I am not on the road to another little diaorama to furnish lol. I may need to sell some neglected dolls !
    12. Okay...I confess...even though we don't want no stinkin' boy bits around we have made a small exception :lol:

      Princess Starburst, that little cabin is awesome!

      Imajica...you may as well just get started gathering for that new diorama now...don't bother fighting it!
    13. Thanks to everyone for the welcome! Donny; he is just wonderful! Congrats on your release! I am confident that I can get my extra order taken care of; it just hurts the bank account for awhile, you know? I let her know about the paypal account not being set up also, so that would also take care of any confusion.
    14. Sigh, I know. Trapped in fairyland, no way out. Ah well.
    15. I ordered him too at 25 minutes after midnight! Can't wait for his arrival! PrincessStarburst, that little cabin is adorable - it'll make a lovely home/shop for him! It's one of the things I love (and hate because it always involves more $$$) for these tinies: they just seem to inspire so much creativity. I see mine as sort of the alchemist/herb lorist/doctor of my little group of tinies. Very wise and perhaps a little mysterious and aloof. I already have my eye on a little cabinet for him full of mysterious bottles and notions. He's darling, Donny, you should be very proud of him! (I had trouble with Luxour checkout too - PayPal was misbehaving badly!)
    16. I was very naughty and I ordered him, too. It was the ears - they reminded me of my dog - in a good way... and I love the very posable little body. While he is a cutie clothed, it was definately the little naked pictures that convinced me! No, I am not a pervert, but I could see all his little features much better! yay! ;)
    17. Another firefly keeper with a Bunko on the way, here! I knew as soon as I saw him that he had to join my little family (and that's saying something, because I have gotten VERY particular about who I bring home these days!). I have never wanted a boy doll before (and neither has Lyra), but Bunko changed that....he is something special (I am certain he has magic cast in the resin, just like our fireflies). I think he will be very happy here with Lyra, as she is such a quiet, gentle soul....I'm confident she will be totally smitten with the "keeper of the green" (I just wish he was the "keeper of the green" as in CASH! Heaven knows I'M not keeping any! ;) )

      Donny, so nice to see you here (and thank you for your wonderful e-mail, too!). It makes these unique little dolls that much more special when we also feel a connection with the artist!! I look forward to seeing what's next from your talented hands!

      (Oh, and I agree, Delerium, the body looks so wonderfully poseable!! A challenge for one so tiny, so thank you for that as well, Donny! Bunko just looks wonderful all the way around!)
    18. Where are you finding this? I don't see any info on numbers sold and/or still available! To be quite honest, I was surprised they weren't sold out immediately! I was poised and ready to submit at 9:25 pm (I'm lucky enough to be on the West Coast, so I didn't have to stay up 'til all hours! :) ).

      I had issues with PayPal too!! And I have a longstanding account! I almost panicked thinking he'd sell out while I was trying to resolve the PayPal issue without ordering two! *_*
    19. And what is supercalifabulously wonderful about this one is we won't have to wait MONTHS for him :cheer:cheer:cheer