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DreamHighStudio - Spooky Jester discussion part 1

Apr 23, 2010

    1. Yesh, I love his tiniest of tiny teeth.

      Good luck getting one after pay day. =3
    2. hi

      thank you for opening discussion thread of DHS -- SPOOKY JESTER

      I hope all of you will love my creation :)
    3. Oooh, so is Spooky going to be on topic? Yaay! And congratulations for getting Spooky Jester written about in BJD Collecstasy, Donny! :D
    4. Donny I have been tempted by all your creations but this one has stolen my heart!

      I get paid four days after the sale opens so I am hoping I will be lucky
    5. Spooky Jester is on sale today! (Hahaha, does that sound weird coming from me?) Woohoo! I hope I can get one. :D

      I love his face. It's that look a toddler gets on their face while giggling and then you go look and they've unrolled all the toilet paper in the bathroom or something. Same mischievous grin, but a little less toothy usually, LOL! And the kitty ears! So pettable. :)

      :D http://www.luxour-academy.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=280
    6. oh spooky jester is great....we can discuss him here but also on the tiny forum....well every doll gets his own now:lol:
      yes I order him ofcourse he is so cute....:aheartbea
    7. I have one coming too! It just didn't seem right to not have all three!
    8. Moving this to tinies as the Jester is an on-topic tiny
    9. great he belongs to the tiny's:).....ok so he will ship in about three weeks...in meantime I will get to know my tiko...please post pictures of any dreamhighstudio dolls you have in the flickr group album
    10. SQUEEEEEEE too cute
    11. Yaaay TiGGy is Preparing for da Inlaws - put our deposit on Spooky Jester YaAAY!!!
    12. Yup finally scrapped the funds together and have my order in
    13. He is just adorable, but I already have Bunko on layaway and I did tell hubby thanks for the loan to get him, but I can't wait to see everyone's Jester when he arrives!
    14. TiGGy is going to have some really interesting family connections! I decided that mine were probably best off not being related. Just friends from "the old country."
    15. Just got my email notification that my Spooky in on his way...my excitement is explosive!
    16. Congrats! I think i'll be able to order mine in about a week or two! Can't wait to see the owner pics!
    17. Well, here's one now!


      He just got here a little while ago! He is definitely getting a wig that fits him better and probably GID eyes! He is so honkin' cute in person!
    18. OMG He is Freakin AMAZING!!! Congrats!!! I am paying mine off oday - Ohhhh Yours is Just Wonderful!!! The FIRST SPOOKY Jester!!!! YAAAYYYY Darkstar!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!
    19. OH he IS cute!!!! Love that face!

      :lol: I would actually love to see TiGGy's reaction to her rather...ummm...unusual...in-laws :lol:You know how in-laws are...you can't pick 'em unfortunately.

      So happy to hear you're getting a Spooky Little Jester too Spookyj!