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DreamHighStudio Tiko The Red Guardian Discussion Part 1

Mar 19, 2010

    1. yes this is great.::sumomo::sumomo::sumomo::sumomo::sumomo:oh oh no money, but I need him:D.....I have to make a payment on my Bunko, but this one needs to come too....they both are cute, so perhaps we should slip Bunko in with this antrho thread???? what sort of animal should he be:lol:
    2. If we give him small antlers, he can become a Muntjac (a small deer) a cute family of the Kantjil.
    3. The new photos of Tiko are adorable!! Sadly I don't think I'll have the budget to indulge in this one as well as Bunko... but I'm super curious about the third sprite too :o
    4. i hope he does a girl body option. very cute. there will be a third sprite? i want to see that one too.
    5. Congratulations, Donny, on what looks to be another great doll. Ack!!! Guess who just arrived?!!!!
    6. Cutest thing I have ever seen. Darn me being broke. XD
    7. girl body option sounds like a great idea. but i already assembled all 25 TIKO and ready to ship.
      giving sexless hip part is possible.but you have to assemble yourself.i can give this as a bonus for customer who request for it.
      but you should preorder for this instead of getting your doll right after payment.

      thanks a lot for the support. i hope Tiko will do just fine like his brother did :)

      once again congratz for Bunko's new parents!
      i'm still excited for all of this.
    8. Donny, any idea when Tiko will be released? Like end of this month, beginning of next? A girl option body or maybe one of the upcoming sprites being a girl would be a great idea! (But I really like B and Tiko as boys! They seem to have that energy to them!)
    9. hi,
      Tiko will be released end of this month if everything goes as planned :)

      thanks :)
      i personally loved them as a boys even they somehow have that cute factor the girl dolls have
    10. Eek! I love them both! Donny, I'm going to have to keep my eye on your dolls- I know I'll have one someday! :D
    11. I trust you Donny to come with an other line of dolls and that could be girls. You see and read how your boys are welcomed with the owners of girl Faery's as a welcome variation. Soon they became brothers, boyfriends and Faery sons. Again I have to say, your boys are lovely.
    12. Hmm, not sure I see Tiko as anything but a guy, but he's certainly adorable. I love his sweet little smile.
    13. Eeeeekkkk!! only 25. Hope I don't miss out. Tiko looks so cute with a hint of mischief! Congratulations Donny on another wonderful creation.
    14. I love them as tiny little boys :) I normally have a preference towards girl dolls so it was nice to find a boy that stole my heart!!
    15. Donny's doll are the ONLY boy dolls coming here and they are so darned cute we had to make an exception :)

      I can't see either of the boys as anything but boys either. I absolutely MUST have a Tiko to join his brother!!! :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    16. ABSOLUTELY...both are boys.....no doubt about that!
    17. Donny - I'm loving this little Tiko - how adorable are those mousy ears!!!
      I definitely want to bring him home to be with his brother, your Bunko.
      Thanks for creating these fabulous little personalities!
      How many more colour sprites do you have planned?
    18. hello,
      thanks a lot for the great complimets on Tiko.

      he'll be ready for release soon.

      don't miss it :)

      i'll try to send PM to nyone intrested

      only 25 fullsets will be available. no basic editions :)