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Dreaming Lishe and Shiwoo head

Nov 24, 2004

    1. Woah!!! Holy crap those are BEAUTIFUL!!!

      Hey, bodies are back in stock now too!!!
    2. O_O The makeup on that Shiwoo, WOW. I love that look on him, absolutely gorgeous.
    3. *bangs head against wall* WHY must they do this to me?! DAMN YOU CP! >_< He's GORGEOUS. And I don't even like Shiwoo much usually... but I waaaaaaaant him. With that makeup.

      Someone get him, quick! I want to see more photos of him.... *_* *is trying to talk herself out of buying him*
    4. :cry: Why! Why! Oh Why do these companies TORTURE me and my wallet like this?! I WANT that dreaming Shiwoo head,beauty white with that make-up on a beauty white body too! WAAAHHH!!!!!! So not fair! I am so broke right now :crushed :crushed
    5. Holy ... they look like they could be Rosiel and Absynthe's older brother and sister! O_o

      I should get the dreaming Lishe head for Saori. *nods*

      Just checked something ... $150 for make-up?! WTF??? That's more than the head itself! And I know Sairin does custom face-ups for around $60!
    6. I think it's $100 for the head with no make up and $150 for the head with make up. not 150 for just the makup. :grin: but that Shiwoo is fab :D he is by favorit boy!!! love that face! :D
    7. Are Luts white dolls limited?
      ... because if not, White Dreaming Shiwoo's my boy. :D
    8. Luts Limited come in choice of: Normal or White skin *Limited to 68 dolls/total*

      Luts Special are part of their regular stock and get restocked when sold out
    9. So, basically I can get a white head & body seperatly at any time?
    10. Pretty much - they go out of stock sometimes, but they aren't limited ^_^
    11. *does a victory dance*
    12. OMG...that Shiwoo head....

      ME: *stares at Haruhiko's head*
      'HIKO: *grabs head* oh, don't even think about it!

      as much of a Shiwoo fan as I am, I don't know if I'm going to be able to resist!
    13. Wow. Before, my dream was to get an El Special and two bodies. Now I'm going to get El and Shiwoo dreaming! He's to die for! That faceup on him is just...*drools*

    14. Is it me or does it look like he's glancing to the side?

      Coy boy.
    15. MUST RESIST! AAAGH! Good thing I don't have any money to spend. xDD;;

      That Shiwoo is absolutely gorgeous, but now I'm debating as to whether that Dreaming Lishe would make a better boy doll than El! xD;
    16. I wish there was a sleeping el >.<
    17. I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one thinking that when I saw Dreaming Lishe :oops: Both of those are just... wow :D
    18. wow. that dreaming shiwoo is GORGEOUS! and he's optional! ....

      ...::mmight have to get a head if she has enough money:: >:3

      ...::adds him to her doll want list:: I think I'll have to get that instead of the regular shiwoo doll for Famine >:3
    19. OMG he is stunning..... im in loveeeeeeeeeeee :D