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Dreamingdoll Dicussion ^_^

Apr 24, 2007

    1. This is the thread, the thread for Dreamingdoll and their releases Ha Eun and Haru-Fairy of light

      News thread w/ pics

      I really like their dolls and plan on getting Ha Eun after I get Gambit.

      What about everyone else?
    2. Haru is wonderful :D
      I'd love to see the body
    3. Anyone know if Haru will be limited or standard?
    4. Both are very pretty but Haru has amazig lips (there I go, falling for lips yet again!)!!!
    5. I think she is wonderful!!! I like Ha Eun too. I am not familiar with this company. Anyone have one yet?
    6. DollnDoll answered in the QNA section on Haru's page that she's not limited.
    7. Wow, Haru's really pretty.
      Every time I look at her I fall more in love.
    8. ^_^ I ordered a Haru Light yesterday, as I couldnt' restrain myself. It was love at first sight, so I'll put up comparison pics/ body pics when I get her! :D

      i ended up not getting the clothes though, since I want her to model my creations. ;)

      I was waiting for the fairy of darkness make up buuuut... glad I went with the other one, the dark one is not my style. ;)
    9. Can't wait to see your pictures, Uneide!
      These are the first SD girls I've ever taken a serious liking to . . . I can't decide which one I like best though *_* Both Haru fairies have such beautiful face-ups!
    10. I really like these dolls. I'll need to see owner pictures firs tthough. I'd love to make Haru dark into a boy...
    11. Wow! Haru Light was really nice BUT Haru Dark...GAH GAH GAH! *drool*

      Definately two thumbs up!
    12. Haru's lovely, with a really intelligent, graceful face. I love the slightly partled lips - she looks as if she's just about to speak, in gentle tones.
    13. I really was trying to hold off till I saw the Dark make up, but I just couldn't! ^_^;; Besides, she's perfect for being the complement for my grafitto RAAM - poor Eggman is 57 cm, so my current girl, a gorgeous DZ linlan towers over him. Haru, on the other hand.. :D

      DollnDoll said these dolls ship pretty fast ( 2 weeks or so?) so I should hopefully have her in mid may. I love that she has both pair of ears too :D
    14. I just saw these dolls today and I must say I've fallen for Haru Light!! I'd love to see pictures once someone gets her! :)
    15. Mine should be shipping in about a week, so hopefully I'll be spamming her hehe. :) I want to take some comparison pics with my DZ Linlan too.
    16. I have been observing a lot of beautiful dolls on this forum and until I saw Haru I was still searching for the perfect incarnation for a character I drew.
      I think she has the perfect look, but I would love to have more information about the body too. So maybe I will wait to see yours Uneide :) As she would be my first doll I would like everything to be perfect... I'm soooooooo looking forward to see one of these girls!!! As far I as searched nobody has one :...(

      Have a great day!!
    17. That's exactly why I got her. ^_^
      I got Haru with the default face up, but in the end I didn't get the clothes, just so people know.. heh.
    18. I think that I wouldn't take the clothes either because I may take advantage of my mother's skills in sewing (and maybe try to learn... It's never too late)^^ I saw your outfits on your webpage and I think they are just awesome, I'm sure HaRu will look great with your creation!
    19. I just wanted to say that DollnDoll put a picture of the body here :http://dollndoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=719 and as I'm not a real specialist I was wondering what do you think about it?

      I truly love HaRu's face. Among all the BJDs I've been seeing she is the one who fits the better the character I imagined, but the joint between the torso and the legs is bugging me.

      Aaaahhhh I can't take a decision :...( As she would be my first BJD I don't want to rush things, but I've being searching for months and I still don't know what to do...