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dreamingdoll ~My Fair Lady Molly~

Feb 6, 2010

    1. Hello,

      introduction joint-project of dreamingdoll & estebebe - My Fair lady Molly

      * Produce by ESTEBEBE & Dreaming Doll
      * Concept Design by ESTEBEBE
      * Head custom by ESTEBEBE
      * Make up design by ESTEBEBE
      * Outfit design by ESTEBEBE
      * Outfit produce by nine9
      * Sculpted by Baron

      about my fair lady molly details
      Deurimingdol website (www.ddollshop.com) can be found in

      My fair lady Molly ask a lot of attention.

    2. omg she is supper pretty i realy want her ( aaa i want a her ) i can't have any more dolls ( my parants dont like it) but she is just to butiful is she a special and do you have only a limeted number of her or can i order when ever i like :P
    3. Do you offer layaway? Your dolls are lovely!
    4. Will Molly be only fullset, or will she be released as a general edition?
    5. Molly's collection is only a kid.
    6. Due to the last post by jyikor, I requested clarification on the questions that had been asked; here are the responses provided to me.

      1. Is Molly limited? Do you have only a specific number of dolls? Or will she always be available?
      Not limited.

      2. Is Molly a fullset? Meaning, is she available only as a doll with full outfit? Or is she available as doll only?
      Molly is Only fullset.

      3. Do you offer a layaway? This means can the doll be paid in partial payment over a definite period of time.
      Installment purchase is possible in paypal card payment.